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  1. I had a lung function/capacity test last week. They found I have abnormally high-functioning lungs, and almost record-breaking capacity: 7.5 liters.

    Now I'm a pretty short dude who should have pretty short lungs, and I'm a daily smoker (non-tobacco) as well; they repeated every test, just to be double-sure, and the results did not vary.

    How can this be explained? Is it a shitty superpower? Am I Iron Lung Boy?


    Super late but I've read that marijuana smokers tend to inhale deeply after each inhale they take of smoke, and they hold it for longer. Also, marijuana smoke seems to differ from tobacco smoke. It's likely you taking deep breaths and holding them and over time this has helped your lung capacity. 

  2. Fructose free? Good call! Probably one of the worst chemicals for the human body.

    Here is why



    I'm studying an AP Environmental course this year, and it talks about a range of topics from biological diversity, human health, agriculture, pollution, etc. It's an incredible subject I think everyone should be required to take. 


    We recently discussed sugar and its effects on the human body, and how it is almost literally a poison. I'll still enjoy cakes and cookies and delicious diabetes giving food, but I've recently shifted my diet to include a lot more vegetables, legumes, grains, etc. Basically eat a lot more natural, less red meat, more chicken and fish, added EVOO, and so on. I'm somewhat following a Mediterranean diet, but I'm just buying good foods low in sugar that I enjoy.


    We are hardwired to like two things, sweet and salty, two rare flavors in nature. But now that salt and sugar are in literally everything, it's taking a huge toll on our health. 

  3. Been smoking a lot of purple lately as well. Bruce Banner has some purp, also tried Grandaddy Purp (very clear and chilled high) and Purple Haze.



    This is some of the best weed I've ever found.



    My God, the smell.


    Love the macro shots, been taking quite a few closeup shots with my phone and an app called Camera+. Will try to post soon.

  4. Still looking around for a V8, found one up in Connecticut.












    As much as I want a GT (or other editions such as Mach 1's) I find it very hard to give up my car, for the fact I love the New Edge body style and my car is in great condition, and it's my first car.

  5. I've taken to just asking my provider what it's called each time...more to keep track of what kind turns my crank. It's more scientific than trying to remember by the smell. 


    I like to know the name because I like to read up on the different strains and learn about how they came to be and why they make me feel how I do, and which ones I like better than others. I'd definitely choose Chemdog and Bruce Banner again over the others.

  6. So I started smoking a little more often the past few months with friends. I've noticed that I care less in general. Like stuff just doesn't bother me as much, and while I'm experiencing that, I've actually found more motivation in school and have been doing a lot better. Taking an AP class this year it seemed like I'd wind up dropping it, but despite the work, I'm really enjoying it and finding I manage my time pretty well.

  7.  I had to bust a door open today, it wasn't that hard to do, I pushed my right side shoulder/back against it about three times and it busted open. Now both my shoulder blades have this dull pain, it's bearable, like not really bad at all. Took some ibuprofen. It was very very slight like barely there from when I woke up but seems to have gotten worse throughout the day. Could I have maybe slept wrong or did busting open the door could have caused it?