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  1. 5 hours ago, Qdeathstar said:

    oooh, brian bringing back digimods.  What do you do that someone will sponsor you? Do you race the car or????




    Its interesting that your mustang doesn't look like the 25k pos most wannabes drive around in... looks legit. The new rims make the whole car look better.


    Thanks man, sponsorship wise I built a large following on Instagram. The bigger I get the better the sponsorships will get. Basically companies feel that me having a large audience with good engagement will help advertise their products. Some of the sponsorships are only partial, some are full. 


    I spent a year looking at different wheel styles until I settled on these. I felt that they look very good on black in that style and so far no one has done gloss black so I should be the first with this specific wheel. Many spokes seem to compliment this chassis and I love the profile of 20's as well. 



  2. Was gonna wait to post till they're on the car but fuck it.


    Landed a wheel sponsorship so I got these. 20x9 front 20x10.5 rear. Just got 1.5" lowering springs too. Waiting on tires and TPMS sensors. Also have to finish ceramic coating them so cleaning isn't a bitch. Fitment is about to be perfect.






    And a very rough render of what they'll look like.

  3. On 9/26/2017 at 11:18 PM, Qdeathstar said:

    i don't know... 


    im glad you got the mri though...


    i have ave been feeling with severe neck aches that reoccur ever week or so as well as persistent dry eye and the doctors don't do anything. I think you have to visit a few times so they can get there money, but i don't have time to do that... a doctors visit is like three hours of my day... 


    Maybe look around for a new doctor? Google has reviews for doctors so maybe you could find a better one now?


    My MRI took about 30 mins, follow up Thursday. 

  4. I've been having knee pain since being rear ended in May. Went for X-Ray's in June, nothing. Still having knee pain every once in a while so I'm going for an MRI on both knees this week. Nothing in particular brings it on (sitting or standing doesn't make it better or worse), and the pain isn't severe but it's there. What could be the cause of it? Someone told me scar tissue could be causing it, which will show on the MRI. 

  5. 4 hours ago, Massacre said:

    Guys, what is cilantro supposed to taste like? The internet says it's because of a genetic fuckup in my brain that it tastes like dish soap, to me.


    I'm just happy to have one mental problem that doesn't put me at risk of prison time or institutionalization.



    Not sure how to explain it well, I don't get the soap taste though. It just tastes fresh, maybe slightly citrusy. It adds an element to certain things, for example if you have a salsa it contrasts the heat or lets say the zing of an onion a little. Similar to why you add acidity to certain dishes. 



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  6. Started a garden for my mom so she has some scenery during recovery before her upcoming surgery. 


    I'm working with relatively dead soil. Nothing has been planted here but a bush. I only worked on our side of the patch (we live in an apartment). 


    I mixed up all the soil, ripped up small roots from the bush, added nutrient rich garden soil and had at it. This year is a test. Next year I will prep earlier and better, and use some natural fertilizer and compost this fall to really get the area good. It's a little short on sunlight, so I may need to change my plants as well.


    Planted some annuals, small flowers, just picked nice ones at Walmart, and some fern type. 


    What I'm most excited for is the cilantro and dill seeds that I planted. I love dill, and cilantro will be great for homemade guac and salsa this summer.


    My first time really giving a try at gardening. 



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  7. 19 hours ago, Ginginho said:

    My son will get it so I will get to play it.  I really hope it's as good as it looks because I have been hanging out for some old school warfare... Now for an open world, sandbox set in Europe during WW2


    Something like the Saboteur but better?

  8. On 4/28/2017 at 10:35 PM, Bronson said:

    Never thought in my life I'd buy another Call of Duty but god damn that looks good.


    Looks like they're actually trying again. Props to them.


    Sledgehammer has always seem to do well. Aside from the futuristic setting, Advanced Warfare was actually a great game. MW3 was a classic too. 


    I'm expecting the campaign to be incredible, and it seems so far from the little we've heard they took a great step to improve multiplayer. 


    And on top of that, fucking Nazi zombies. 




    If you go here, and enter "IUFDJ BHLOP JMUBA", found on the helmet by contrasting the image above I believe, it unlocks images, one of which shows the Roman emperor Frederick Barbarossa, while the other is Raphael's Portrait of a Young Man. The Barbarossa reference might be related to Operation Barbarossa, which was the name for Hitler's plan to take over the Soviet Union in 1941. 

  9. Call of Duty: WWII set in Europe following the 1st infantry division. An entire new Big Red One. Graphics look insane, and it looks like they really tried to put the franchise back on track.


    World At War was one of my favorite Cods of all time. On top of that, this is co-developed by Sledgehammer games, which made Advanced Warfare. That had one of the best game campaigns I ever played (they even casted Kevin Spacey). I haven't been excited for a video game since GTA V's second delay :lol:



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  10. Supposed leaked screenshots have surfaced. The first rumors appeared on 4chan from someone claiming to be a Ubisoft employee. Later on Kotaku who's been really accurate with Assassin's Creed leaks confirmed the information. There are supposedly two easter eggs in Watch Dogs 2 and Black Flag in the Abstergo emails pointing at this setting. 

  11. 5 hours ago, CFO Charles said:

    Totally a steal for $50. I figure I should post pictures of my piece. I've considered an upgrade many times but she's just been to damn good to me and has way to much life left for me to get rid of her. 125,000 km, and I'm second it's owner. 


    Slight ding on the hood and bumper as you can see, nothing beyond cosmetic. I've been meaning to take it to a buddy to have him touch it up but I haven't bothered yet + Money.



    Don't mind the scan tool, was out checking my fathers Cruze right next to it.



    I just noticed that pillow, I don't know what it's doing there....



    Got some good cheap all seasons last month (plus wheel well rust!!!)



    And yes, I drive around town with pokemon dolls in my back windshield.



    Drapes match the exterior.



    And the motor, 3.4L V6 pushrod. Nothing special but it's got more go than the 4-cyl Ecotech on the base. It outran my buddy's turbo Cruze in, erm... Testing. I've heard all the complaints about the leaky seals and coolant, but as mentioned in a previous post, all the manifold and gasket seals were replaced and the corrosion on the heads was machined off at 123,000km. Also reinforced the rocker arms on the heads as I've suffered a blowout or two in the past (mainly from my maniac driving, but still, it's nice to know they're sturdier).



    Other than that, just cleaned all the metal and all the oil residue, attached a new ignition system and got rid of the bulky old manifold heat shields for wrap instead. I've been looking at an airbox upgrade as well, although instead of a delete I'm looking to see if i can attach a Ram Air box off of a Grand Am GT. However I'm hindered by the fact that my car has a total lack of a front grille..... 



    So there you have it, my 03 amateur mechanic pokemon-fanboy granny-mobile!



    That's clean af man, not sure if you're into car detailing or whatever but using your car now for practice is great to get into it, that's what I did with my old car.


    Griots Garage makes some of my favorite stuff, not sure if it's sold around you. Chemical guys is good too. If you wanna clean up the engine bay, cover up the alternator and battery with a plastic bag, spray some simple green or degreaser and scrub, and rinse it off. 


  12. My mom's been off chemo for a few months now, tried hormone therapy but all it did was make her puke and stuff. Surgery is set for May 8th, she'll get a double mastectomy and some lymph nodes taken out, and will receive implants and whatever over the course of roughly 10 months between initial surgery, expanders, and final implants. She should be done with everything come March 2018. 


    I know these surgeries are common, but I've never had to sit and wait while someone went through surgery like that. It'll take 5-8 hours I believe, and obviously with any surgery there are risks.


    Things have gotten a little easier since she stopped chemo and she isn't so sick anymore, but it's hard watching her cry still. She's scared a lot. Surgery will close in fast, so wish her luck. Will keep posted. 

  13. On 2/19/2017 at 7:20 PM, CaPn bOnEs said:

    haha :D... i was DEFINITELY on top btw -_-... dio was visiting some friends who moved to lansing michigan, and he was coming to the states for the first time ever... lansing is only a couple hours away from me so i said fuck it, i'll go! only had a little over a week's notice, but i was able to get someone to cover for me yesterday at the brewery B)...


    and it was fun, too... we got shit-faced drunk and was up until like 6 am... his buddy john stayed up with us the whole time, but his other friends went to bed at like 3 am... apparently we were loud as shit and they couldn't sleep anyways :lol:... but they were all cool as fuck, it was a fun evening... we went to dave & busters earlier in the day, which to be honest, wasn't as fun as it sounded... it was pretty much a cash-grab kind of place... games were expensive without much reward... basically being able to drink while playing games was the best part, and so was this star wars battle pod game i played... i would of stayed in that all night if i could!! but me, dio, and john ended up giving our tickets to some little girls and made their day... there wasn't shit for us for 374 tickets :lol:...  we're not 12, lol... anyways...


    like dio said too, i think it's the first time anyone from this community got together... perhaps not the last?? :shifty::drunk:


    EDIT: fuck it, lets throw a drunken 5am selfie into the mix too!! 




    If you guys are ever in New York, let's get shit faced

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  14. Got this strut tower brace off craigslist for $50, came off a 2015 5.0 Performance Pack. Literally a steal, they go for $265 new. Steering feels more solid too, aside from it looking nice.


    Next is to get rid of this factory airbox and let her breathe.





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  15. I rarely use Facebook, mostly have it to see how my family is doing, they upload pics of my baby cousins and stuff. I use Twitter everyday, but only to retweet/like stuff I think is funny. I use Instagram and Snapchat the most. 


    I run a page with almost 40k followers on Instagram, so I'll use that for advertising for other small companies to make money, or sell stuff sometimes. My personal page is just pictures of my girlfriend and I or my car, and Snapchat I usually just use to post stories of car shit I'm doing that I don't wanna spam Instagram with, like modding or when me and my friends hit the track or something.


    I don't like social media all that much, like I kinda wish Snapchat didn't exist, but if it's there use it in my mind. 

    On 2/20/2017 at 4:09 PM, Feiticeira said:

    Has anybody else killed off facebook all together? How do you survive without messenger?


    Texting, nice thing about iPhone is iMessage (my iPad and Macbook have it too built in) and it makes it that I don't actually ever send real texts, since iMessage doesn't get charged like SMS, and almost everyone I know has an iPhone, so even when my friends or family are overseas we can text without it costing an arm and leg. Facetime too.

  16. Increasing punishment for hurting or killing a police officer is in no way bad... I don't even get how you could not be for that. A police officer will do his job the same no matter what, when you assault an officer your already breaking major crimes, so making the punishments harder isn't going to make any police officer more of a dick. That reasoning just makes no fucking sense. Millions of people interact with hundreds of thousands of cops daily, it's rare a cop breaks the law on these days. And many cops are dicks to you during traffic stops or whatever because they use verbal judo. If a cop's all nice and not authoritative no one would listen to him, whether that's you getting a ticket for running a stop sign or a crackhead holding some woman hostage robbing her house for drug money.


    Working with other nations regarding international crimes means we are reducing our resources in other countries, which is a good thing, and also helping stop crime that starts overseas before it even comes to our country.


    Racial profiling works, sorry but it's true. Why do you think so many people stopped who claim racial profiling are breaking laws? Cause it's what they do. Stop and frisk in NYC reduced crime by a metric fuckton, I'm local to the city, I've seen how it's changed. Too bad they stopped it.


    All the things you named are being done alongside building the wall as well.

  17. I mean if Bones continued to go into your space illegally, all the while bringing drugs and crime in, while costing you billions per year, then shit I think a wall wouldn't be such a bad idea. Especially since it's worked for so many other countries.


    A federal hiring freeze so we stop paying the salaries of needless government positions being filled by buddies of politicians? Sounds great to me.


    Getting rid of federal grant money going toward sanctuary cities? Sounds good to me. I'd rather that grant money go to infrastructure or legal citizens. 


    Stopping executive officials from lobbying for five years after leaving office? A lifetime ban on lobbying for foreign governments? Sounds nice to me. They serve us, not organizations, corporations, or other countries.


    Fixing the crippling regulations that have been choking small businesses? Hey, not so bad. Now when regulations are passed, two must be dissolved, and many are not necessary. 


    New task force created to reduce drug trafficking, violent crime, and to reduce crime overall? Can you really tell me something so bad about this?


    Increasing penalties for crimes against police officers? Good. Most cops are not bad people. 


    Working with foreign governments to reduce international crime? Sounds good too.


    Trump hasn't done anything bad really so far. I'm not the biggest fan of how he's handled the EPA/Environment though, but no president has ever been perfect.