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  1. @bOnEs, DuPz0r, Mercy, gtagrl and all the regulars - keep it tight, peace! ;)

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    2. DuPz0r


      The British members can pick him out from the crowd most of the time though, and it seems like we're the only ones he has conversations with.

      But like i said, i was.drunk and don't even know what went down, apart from what was said in the thread.

    3. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      yea i have a hard time making out what he's saying, no offense :P...

    4. gtagrl


      I can understand him no problem, he just rarely talks, and that's definitely a contributor to this whole affair...

  2. I'm off guys. I've tried to fit in on crew nights but it all seems a bit clicky to me. You have your own regular friends online and crew nights have been fun but I've noticed I seem to fuck up, at least in your eyes whenever we have races or play the play-lists etc. I've never deliberately gone out of my way to cut someone up or run someone over but some of you take it personally when it happens to be me that does it. Tonight for instance; I tried to perform a low-fly-by in a plane and crashed - it was accidental and only meant to be a good photo opportunity but once again the incident was taken as me trying to disrupt the fun, quite the opposite to be truthful. You have a tight crew and I understand the bond you all have but it's not for me. No offence meant and non taken, peace! Andy
  3. Good night last night, loved cruising around on the bikes. When we ran into The Lost... they lost... And we took over their patch.
  4. Fuck docking... Who's got the white stuff? Me taking a dive, as usual... Moments later I did the same but died horrifically. Karma? Jason's dance of death... Shootout after spawning miles away from the main fight...
  5. Not really into riding bikes in GTAO but it was still a welcome change from the norm. Kinda getting use to the R* Editor now. You can spend what seems an eternity trying to get the perfect angles to take a Snapmatic but I'm very impressed with its flexibility.
  6. Is everyone dead? I only see bOnEs online.

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    2. Darth Sexy
    3. Qdeathstar


      actually, I want to watch truths reaction aswell.

    4. That Fuckup

      That Fuckup

      Just to let you all know, my mum died of AIDS this morning.

  7. Biski. Not sure how to post videos.
  8. I'm completely lost with what's supposed to happen tonight but I found my mic so you lot can guide me (don't shout!). I've got the Heavy Forest and Desert camo outfits saved to my inventory, are these the ones we're using?
  9. Like others here I downloaded (well, half way) the open beta only to find it would be closed before it finished downloading. From what I've seen of the gameplay so far, plus reading the feedback on The Division's own forums I reckon I'll make my decision to buy or not a year or so from now. It's going to have teething problems with constant updates to fix bugs and glitches for many months to come before it's playable; 'enjoyable'. I can't be arsed with the frustration it'll bring like GTAO did for the first year or so. I'm dying to play the game but I also want to enjoy it. On another note, I heard 'micro-transactions' are definitely NOT going to be introduced in The Division which is good news.
  10. I'm sure it's been said before but the ability to turn cops off in private lobbies. It's just figuring out how to keep the 'realism' as you wouldn't/shouldn't really be able to rob stores etc if police are missing from the map.
  11. Introducing Character slot #2 - Aunt Betty. She has mental issues.
  12. Only managed to get one Snapmatic as every other one I took got interrupted by police before I could save it. LOTPCasey with her outfit which brought her some unwanted comments on her Twitch livestream: DIRTY GIRL!
  13. That's too bad, bOnEs. I only realised I was having difficulty joining because I kept joining your game. gtagrl invited me anyway.
  14. My Roosevelt Valor is a bit over the top so depending on whether we're being slightly serious tonight I might bring out the old version. I'm off to get changed into some gangsta gear yo... bro... Kanye! Not that kind of gangster? Okay. Been trying to join you lot for 30 minutes now, still no luck. 'Lobby is Full' or something.
  15. Not sure how long I have left on my VIP time limit but I'll send invites out to anyone who needs cash. I'll share whatever I can as I don't need it.