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  1. they need color markers. green for highly voted good players. red for highly voted bad players. white for noobs level 30 and under. orange for dumbasses. purple for cheaters-modders(cheating)-pure dicks... the dicks would be a lighter shade. black for unstable. and yellow for bad sport(destroying cars).

  2. they need more strippers.

    and 3D titties that you can suck on.

    I don't get this? Do you get off on computer tits? I can assure you real tits are by far better than digital tits. Why don't you go to a strip club or try and get yourself a girlfriend instead of jerking off to some digital tits. If that's too much bother for you then can I recommend watching so non-anime porn.

    if this is a joke is he the dumbass version of a comedian? if you watch porn wouldnt it still be digital? And i dont think computers have tits. There might be tits on the screen but a computer dont have them.

  3. no. not pathetic or skitzo... just bipolar as mentioned. i can be jolly as a cock one minute then ready to murder people then burn everyone alive that i havent killed the next then id be jolly again after that.

    having googled skitzo i think youre right. fuck if i know.

  4. listen here dumbfuck. you just ruined a descent fucking day for me. id ad fucking vise you to leve my *WIFE i might add the fuck alone you four eyed fat fuck. now i can deal with the jerking off part but when you accuse me of jerking to digtal tits because all porn is digital reguardless of it being in a game or video and that argument is indeed invalid. but i dont let people fucking shit on my goodamn name like you just fucking did. It is a goddamn motherfucking joke you fucking dipshit mother fucker. do you know what a joke is or do you need to look at that little insecure peepee of yours to find out. Next time you wanna ruin my day do it face to face you ignorant prick.

    post meant for ghostman.

  5. You like being killed and having your killer teleport away when you seek your revenge?

    That system would benefit griefers more than their victims.

    revenge is for pussies. murder their families and hang their dog from a ceiling fan thats turned to full blast. Then blow up their meth farmhouse. make the bitch pay. shooting someone in a videogame doesnt matter. burning their families alive... that shit impacts them to FUCK OFF.