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  1. i see you guys like my hookup. iCrazyTeddy helps him along with another guy. all 3 of them are a team i guess but they help each other out with info. but i dont know if its going to be july 4th the dlc will be released on but the 4th will be a weekend event. i garentee there will be fireworks in the sky of gtao

  2. I love R* but they really dropped the ball with GTAO. Not having online heist almost a year after you heavily advertised them to be in the game is a shit business practice. If (when) they announce heist as next-gen exclusive then they can fuck off.

    theyve pissed off about 10 million people so they might aswell release them before they fuck themselves on this game

  3. k. enjoy your opinion. the thing is i grew up with san andreas and i garentee i logged more hours on that game than most fans have. i would go home from school every day and play it for 7 hours to 16 hours daily for around 6 years. i know every quote of the game. does that make me a fan? no. what makes a fan is being loyal to the game and hating CRASH with a passion. but ive owned 7 copies of it and. i knew the game inside and out. i am a real fan wether you think so or not. a real fan knows whats what of a certian game. and everyone who is an ACTUAL fan and not someone who played it once would want cj back. and pal... do you even know how many heists there were? theres way more heist content than you think. i doubt youre even worthy to run this fansite if you cant realize the cancer youve spread with one post about a game. another thing... vice city wasnt expected or san andreas. it was liberty city that we expected. it was san andreas we wanted and it was vice city we hated.

  4. The backlash isn't worth it. Besides, the vocal minority would actually be right, for once. Nobody wants that. You let those people be right one time, it gives them a tiny sliver of credit, and stupid people can't tell the difference between an inch and a mile in situations like that. Suddenly, they'll think the worst members of the GTA fanbase are worth listening to, and we all suffer when something like that happens. Those people are almost as bad as creationists.

    We'll get our heists that pay shit. Free. We'll get our small updates, stuffed with cosmetic items that cost an unreasonable amount of GTA$. Free. But as soon as they have something good to offer, they'll cut out the middle man and make us pay for the content directly. Hell, the paid DLC will still probably contain overpriced shit, selling even more shark cards.

    This is the future laid out for us, the second someone heard "one billion dollars" in a report.

    if i remember correctly they DID listen to shit fans. about all the fans shitty or not wanted los santos back, and they wanted cj, they wanted heists in sp, they wanted cj moms murderer to die. and they wanted a long story with weird easter eggs. they listened to shit fans. what shit fans got us is a game that was good enough for a few million people to buy and worship. regaurdless of them listening to shit fans or not its a descent enough game for this website to exist and have 150 million results on google that mention a 10 out of 10 for gta 5

  5. i know of coding but havent seen it. they may also add it as a cheat too. in gta s a they had soooo many cheats that you would enter a state of dillusion.

    also i dont think dlc will cost anything. all dlc will be free. most likely more exclusive seasonal dlc will be limited and cost something eventually like the collectors and special edition codes. 15 bucks each on ebay.

  6. it really shouldve been added in the game by now. rockstar must be halfassing it to put shit items in game. i dont understand the 6 pistols. two are different. the heavy and ap pistol the rest are the same. the bullpup rifle is all over the place. i try for a headshot and the recoil makes the guy be alerted.

  7. i really like survival. hope they dont fuck up boneyard or sandy shores. i can go with the railroad cops one. got a perfect spot in each with min. damage but i need 1 person always to cover my back. i wish there was a survival creator.