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  1. will do. speculation doesnt get far, i can speculate several things, gta 6 will be way differnt than any other gtas so far, casino dlc will NOT be free, heists wont come because spring obviously mean september, and lester will be in gta 6 and die. just random guesses.

  2. This update added a lot of canvas shoes, but no black canvas shoes, the classic Chucks. They've covered beach bums, rich assholes (twice), and now hipsters. Seems to me like they plan to make packs for all of Los Santos' various subcultures.

    Expect black canvas shoes, along with Wade and Jimmy's clothes, in the Motherfucking Wicked Clown Love update, coming in July.

    proof of this, and maybe ill let you live.

  3. Those old jap tuners look tits. The old alpine is cool too. R* better be giving me a 3rd garage soon.

    that isnt even a thing anymore, saying this looks tits, this isnt southpark... also rockstar wont do much else like that, if i were them id allow you to save your cars in a list of modded cars, and keep it there so if it blew upitd stil be on the list, i wouldnt do anything rockstar has done, id make it like san andreas multplayer. hae everything not about cash but bout doing random shit, parkour, foot races, shoot outs, ect.

  4. i wish the glendale and blade looked better. the blade could have the hydrolics option to make it atleast partly based off san andreas, and some USEABLE gas stations. sometimes rockstar is the dumbest people on the planet. lets leave this useles gas station here for decor. and whie we are at it, lets make the cops fucking super humans who dont die after 3 bullets to the face, but die after we taze them.

  5. i thought the glendale and blade would look nicer, like the san andreas version, but it looks like shit. maybe a visit to lsc will makeit lok somewhat decent. the best is either the pigalle or the warrener. and i like the solid black windows insted of tanned black.