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    back in the day, gta online wasnt so shitty. it was quality.
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    dem bitches be trippin to put a bullet in my head.


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  1. if you like them, you'll love meeeee. P.s. I'm a squirter.
  2. Kinda like how the car dup glitch or 50 million dollar money glitch isn't modding the game, but people are still getting banned for it?
  3. Gta online, not as quality as it was, and it was quality compared to now.
  4. Gtagrl that isn't quite accurate, when balls are hot don't they sweat?
  5. Gtagrl. I didn't know chill out, damn. And I haven't been on skyrim in around a month and I have a memory loss disorder where smaller details get lost, i dont even remember what i ate for lunch yesterday. so it's hard to recall names when I read it once. Also I'm using a old box tv and the words get fuzzy. I need to adjust the sharpness settings too, since I have it on my mind. And there are spoilers I mention the ending, when derp takes an derp to the derp, and you derp it's derp. If you can understand any of that I congratulate you. Because if I hadn't typed it, I wouldn't. How's that?
  7. I like the 360 version ok, but half the time it lags. So I clear my cache and it works smoothly....for about 2 hours. It froze again.... I install it. Ok it works for 35 minutes. Smooth as can be. Them it freezes. UNINSTALL. And now it's back to laggy shit, because laggy shit doesn't freeze 300 hours in. Also nice armor.
  8. Y'all hear of that zombie and heist news from domislive? Chrome x mods (don't know the name spelling) gave him the image and coding.
  9. i have no idea, but i keep seeing new ones. either they are changing or im not paying much attention to them.
  10. did anyone notice that the billboards keep changing? every now and then it seems like they do.
  11. he is something else, you know it? also i think i know the movie this is from.
  12. dont get too excited, rockstar will fix some of the exploits, better get ALL the logos you wish to make in before it gets fixed.
  13. it is, they say once you start, you cant stop.
  14. ... im not even going to waste my time. believe what youd like. im done. also your second part doesnt make sense, how have not i? ?