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  1. I haven't a clue if anyone found this glitch. I joined the Stormcloaks, and completed that entire storyline side of the game, and then I went back to do a quest for the theives guild. That quest involved breaking into the home of the guy in whiterun who yells about Talos, but i cannot, in the finale quest of the Stormcloak storyline the guys house gets destroyed. I wouldn't rather go back, my game has 250 hours, and i did that quest at the 100 hour mark. Also, has anyone heard about TES:VI?

  2. Hello. My name is Ben, but people call me Benji. I am from Sydney. I am 15 years old, about to turn 16. i was born 7 minutes until midnight and love the peace and silence of the night, but in Sydney it isnt very quiet. i am looking forward to learning more about the criminal justice system. I like to watch TV and play Video games. I may attend college though it is not required for the job i am interested in, However it looks rather well on a resume. Thanks for your time.

  3. yup, all dates you see right now are placeholder dates... retailers won't know the release date until R* announces it... no game retailer will get a heads up, they'll find out the same time we all do... never believe those retailer dates... EVER...

    this is kindof true, but i have a statement about retailer and full release dates. saints row 4 the full package or national treasure edition was set to officially release july 8th 2014. on walmart.com which is a retailer, is set to release july 15th, 2014. isnt this odd? even amazon is having a set back. i dont know about gamestop but id say it would be similar to the walmart situation. you cnt really count on release dates and retailers.

  4. the mexicans up where you are get the educations, them mexicans here dont know shit and work at places for les than minimum wage, about 2.50 an hour, not a single one own a green card, not even from the uno deck. also jizzy, suck my fat cock. what kind of name is jizzy anyway? are you covered in semon? did the mexican do it? are you even allowed on the computer at 5 am? dont you have school tomorrow?

  5. they have emblems with fully detailed naked women and vaginas, why cant they let us say tits on the damn emblem, it isnt like the little kids are going t run around the house yelling TITS TITS HE MOM, NICE TITS TITS TITS TITTIES FUCKING TITS.

    people in game yell proud american in their mikes, along with every name in the book, so whats the difference in that and the word tittie on a car.

  6. weed usually makes me tired, and it calms me the fuck down, im not so pissed when i smoke it, my dad was the same way until he quit, now hes on too many pills to count. ill stick with mr.10 dollar j for now. might get me a pound soon and invite a few friends over.

  7. did you know they made a fucking 5 second comertial for the independace day update?

    also the bike has great handling, fast with mods, you can weave in and out of traffic with it, better in first person mode when driving.

  8. videos wont show. glad someones as irritated as me. thanks for the links.

    edit- did you read the comments? one guy said FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY... and is this limited like the valentines day massacre dlc?