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  1. not retarded....he just knows what he wants.....and that's men
  2. Gtagrl added you WEEKS ago with no response.....i don't bite....or own a van... playstation. why pay to go online
  3. Kerri, I came on here looking for female gamers as well and have yet to find one to play with. Now I'm just here because of the sense of humor. you'll see
  4. I just found out the place I work at has a keg of watermelon beer stashed in the basement. its the only watermelon beer on this entire island this is also very good:
  5. that shows actually pretty funny. it reminds me of between two ferns, but better
  6. lost and breaking bad are both on top on my list but youre right, the series finale of lost was the worst episode of the entire series. as for breaking bad, the episode where hank dies....omg...I don't know what can beat that. silicon valley keeps being mentioned so im going to check it out. what network?
  7. I decided not to go out. im on now about to add you
  8. yes, Nujabes41188, that would be me. but I just got out of work and am thinking of going out now see you tomorrow maybe
  9. cool, will do. btw when I said I didn't want to play with you, that was a joke
  10. okay bones im adding you at some point today, expect me
  11. Inside: Chipotle A Netflix documentary that was playing on the t.v in the background. The owners pretend to care for their employees. The employees pretend they've landed a fantastic opportunity. It's worth 11 billion...I think. They are starting to open tofu eateries....I think. 1/2 hour long.....I think. You can also catch the sequel Inside: Mcdonalds.