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  1. I don't like that all the new Houses use the same interiors as the apartments, I bought a 6-car House, but it has the exact same interior as my 6-car apartment, plus the garage is at least 4 times bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.
  2. Not posted in a while, so here's a few. BMXing . . Scenery . . Cars . . Crew . .
  3. Sentinel is now in the Sports Class, it was a coupe before.
  4. I noticed this today .....not sure if anyone else has. On Social Club, under Vehicles, if you click on stats, a lot of them have been updated and are claiming they can be bought online. These are the updated vehicles Rat Loader - FREE Rancher XL - 9k Sandking XL - 38k Asea - 12k ( Stickerbomb car) Asterope - 26k Ingot - 9k Premier - 10k Stanier - 10k Stratum - 10k Washington - 15k Baller(1) - 90k Cavalcade(2) - 70k Granger - 35k Radius - 32k Bobcat XL - 23k It's either a mistake, or preparing for a new update.
  5. Yeah, all my money is back to normal now, I was left with 464K. however, the stats on Social Club still state that my "Total Money Earned" is 2.4Billion. Hope they change that too. But I'm really happy with what they have done.
  6. Did anyone ever get the stimulus package money? I never got it.
  7. The only thing patch 1.09 seems to have removed is my enthusiasm for the game.
  8. I just installed Update 1.09 and I still have all of the money.
  9. I got the same automated response today too.
  10. If they do take ALL of the shared money away then my money will be in the minuses, because I tried to get rid of it my self by spending it. What I would prefer is if they reset everyones money back to the amount it was before they was given the shared money. I had about $2million, and was given $2.4Billion, my current money is at $2.3billion. so if they take it all back I will be $100million in the red.
  11. I've still got mine, hoping it's gone with the next update though. R* did say on their newswire they would be removing it, but if we want it removed sooner then to send a ticket, but not many have had replies yet. I haven't.
  12. Few of my Vehicles in appropriate settings. BF Surfer . . Declasse Tornado . . Declasse Vigero .
  13. Not posted pics in a while, so here's a few.... Pretty snow . . . Frames and filters . . . And here is me And here is the house that I hope R* will one day let me buy...