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  1. Revising EU Law with the aid of Tea and XFM @rickygervais

  2. there's only one gary speed! RIP speedo!

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    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      i got nothing... i care not for those i don't know... he could be a child molester for all i know...

    3. Psy


      Are you suggesting he's a Gary Speedophile?

    4. Indy


      at first i thought garry glitter had died... thank god

  3. Gutting news about Gary Speed, Great Player & Great manager

  4. just watched @piersmorgan life stories with @JKCorden top quality viewing

  5. with Tim Flowers & Garry Flitcroft trending, I'm now waiting for Steve Stone & Clive Mendonca to be trending

  6. Someone did spot some sea planes in the trailer i swear?
  7. Support RBL Poppy Appeal, add a #twibbon now! - - Create one here -

  8. certain my next door neighbours are drug lords

  9. I prefer organised crime, means the missions will be more diverse, maybe an aspect of organised and unorganised
  10. Fulham v Spurs=top quality game, ashame there wasn't more goals in it though

  11. I hope you are right, I felt before the trailer had a bit of a goodfellas feel to it
  12. Well they mentioned South California, if it was pretty much just LA i doubt they would have mentioned it, San Diego I believe is pretty likely.
  13. I think you've summed it up perfectly, initially I was disappointed it wasn't all of SA but the more I think about it just being Los Santo's the more I like the sound of it. R* know what they are doing and it could well be bigger than SA and maybe 10 years down the line bigger and better consoles we will see the whole of the SA but for now what we possibly have is like SA the defining game of a generation which strikes the balance between what SA & IV offered.
  14. perhaps the voice over guy is telling an alternative story..his cover up story to why he's really there