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  1. Getting so hyped! Amazing job on the map looks great.
  2. Do you think this is the entire playable area or do you think New Austin and the original Red Dead map will be included also?
  3. This is finally got my hype level up. The world looks so varied and so beautiful. Can't wait to go exploring in this.
  4. dat ass tho Check out the hot Bhodi (read - scottish accent) Sailorgrl between two babes starring jamie!
  5. are you able to build landing strips in the sky?
  6. good photos this week guys! northern, I want that colour for my tornado!
  7. most fun I've had on crew night in ages. That playlist was awesome.
  8. just realised the stirling gt i was racing with was only modded performance wise to the second option on engine, and other speed related tunables lol. damn.
  9. I doubt they will, but I'd love if they brought back the Sabre from IV. Would love to get that all shiny Black metallic, huge chrome wheels.
  10. I've just always liked that style of a sedan. Sort of like the Admiral back in San Andreas.
  11. I've got a Vigero too, customised like the dodge challenger out of Vanishing Point
  12. Drumroll please. I finally bought a new car! I now own two!
  13. Saved the blooper for last. I think it looks better this way!
  14. been away for a while again. some photos i took last week. So can someone fill me in? Crate drops are happening containing stuff from over the last year? Then my game messed up and i was taking snapmatics in third person.