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  1. I got inside that little Clingman fort, found a small interior.
  2. I'm not sure. I couldn't tell if I was floating, or if the props were smaller than usual... I investigated a strange light in the upstairs window of the Compsons homestead.
  3. Tried to find some links to this painting found in Rhodes. It appears that it is linked to the artist Charles Ch√Ętenay.
  4. till showcasing Guarma's Interiors at the moment. It's nice to be back here after not exploring for a while lol
  5. I had a look around Cinco Torres to see if I could find anything new.
  6. Nice one, I'll be sure to not revisit those places any time soon then. I returned to Guarma recently to try and get into some of the places I unsuccessfully tried in the past. Specifically the Aguasdulces Mansion/Fort. I managed to get in the outer wall but found it has a huge interior box inside. Also, some music started playing inside that I've never heard before. I mean the music could be just part of Guarma's ambient soundtrack, but I honestly do not recall hearing it ever before. I also forgot to mention in the video that the huge wooden window shutters actually have windows and curtains behind them. Even though you never see them open. Which is more evidence to suggest it was built with an interior in mind.
  7. Let me know where you've looked so I don't go over the same spots, it might save us some hassle lol I took Viceman's spots into account, and haven't bothered with anything in NA in some time. I came across an interior space in what looks like a wood mill (could be wrong, so tell me if anyone knows what it actually is) by a quick glance on the way to a different location.
  8. So I've been looking at like one place in detail every day for new codes for the last 2 weeks. No luck at all so far, but I've been marking them off using your cheat location map Fitty I've also been adding videos for the locations in my main post for the last two weeks too. Only six left, and I bet they're not even in towns or on the sides of structures. Probably on rocks and random rural places... Happy Easter & Happy Hunting!
  9. Well, it works only on ceilings I think. Did you guys notice there's a whole unreachable cave system where the devil hermit lives? There are cave paintings up there.
  10. I managed to get in up the staircase and have a good look around upstairs in the Van Horn Fence with all of the assets for the first time! previously I breached in from a window, and nothing loaded inside.
  11. I decided to play god with Mr.Miller... Breached his cabin, and... Yeah, not that.
  12. Was doing my interior rounds in Rhodes when I came across this interesting building with props inside:
  13. Trelawny's Trailer looks different from when you see it during the story and post-game. It's all boarded up. I decided to take a look inside anyway.
  14. I found an interior inside one of the waterfront stores. It's basic, but they went to the trouble to layout the inside of it.
  15. Someone commented on that video saying that Marston sat and asked him for a loan to start his own ranch in that room, but I must have skipped that by mistake or something. I found a secret/half finished room inside the abandoned Saloon in Emerald Ranch.
  16. Didn't even realize there was an interior to pronghorn... Was it shown in a cutscene or something? I must have skipped it by mistake if there was.
  17. Things I've noticed to suggest Mexico was built to be in the game: Nuevo Parisio is fully modeled. (Maybe not to the same standards, but it's mostly there). The full terrain topography is on the map that comes with the game disc (standard edition & up), even though it's been erased from the in-game map. Unique RDR 1 style music plays in certain parts of Nuevo that you won't hear anywhere else. That barking noise in Perdido is unique to that zone. Railway paths are etched into the map surface where they're meant to be. Roads & Paths are all there. Flat surfaces & open spaces where towns are meant to be like they could just drop them in at any time. No slip zones along 90% of the San Luis river so you can go fishing freely And I'm currently working on a town comparison video, where I'll be matching shots from RDR1 to prove that they can be dropped in at any time. Here's my shots side-by-side actually
  18. After a few days of trying, and speaking with one of the guys that have made it to Nekoti Rock, I finally conquered it! It was one place I never managed to get to, and now I can put that to rest! lol This should also help anyone else attempting to take the challenge so you know what you're up against before you get there:
  19. Here's a couple more, thanks to this community #09 Lake Don Julio House, NA - Credit to Viceman #16.4 Under Owanjila Dam, WE - Credit to Cutter De Blanc #27 Two Crows, South of Armadillo, NA - Credit to gtagrl & Viceman So, to summarise there's: 8 Newspaper Cheat Codes 23 Found Locations 6 Unknown Locations? These many locations in each State: Ambarino 7 Lemoyne 4 New Hanover 4 West Elizabeth 3 New Austin 5 #14 Be greedy only for foresight #16.1 Guide me better #26 You want something new #30 Keep your dreams light #32 You want freedom #33 You want everyone to go away So close, only 6 more remaining!
  20. Other than my theories about there being cut story missions from the start, I also noticed that the Marston Glacier mission was cut slightly. And by that, i mean the part of the map where you don't see them go through the glacial fault. Unnecessarily cut imo, since we never get to go back there and see it.
  21. Credit to Treefitty for helping with these ones: #02 Small House, SE on the Braithwaite Land #07 Inside a small cave, SW of Bacchus Bridge, Dakota River #20 On a small island, South of Rio Bravo, San Luis River #12 Upper floor Barnhouse, Solomon's Folly So, to summarise there's: 8 Newspaper Cheat Codes 20 Found Locations 9 Unknown? #09 Eat of Knowledge #14 Be greedy only for foresight #16.1 Guide me better #16.4 I still seek more #26 You want something new #27 The best of the old ways #30 Keep your dreams light #32 You want freedom #33 You want everyone to go away
  22. I'm certain this is the spot for El Hueco, I'm just not 100% sure what it was. A bayside fishing village, a revolutionary hideout, a cove or cave?
  23. Just found another one: #16.3 Shipwreck Island, West of Clement Point That leaves 13 more phrases!