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  1. I've recently found out that there are cheat codes that exist in the world of RDR2 in the form of Easter Egg. I remember seeing writing carved into things but never really made the connection. So now I am aware of their existence, I decided to look on the web for these locations. And I have had zero luck in doing so. I am aware all the cheats have been available since the game's release, but I was more interested in the locations. Now then, after an extensive search around the map these past few days, I have found 16 locations that have carvings of cheats on them. Now I also realize that some cheat codes are from newspapers, so now I'm narrowing them down to see which ones are still missing. I was hoping you guys could help me since I haven't seen a single shred of compiled data for all these locations online. So here are the cheats in the order they appear in the cheat menu on-screen: *Edit - List updated, thanks for the help! Red is Newspapers, green is the ones we've found and white is still unknown. #01 Abundance is the dullest desire #02 A simple life, a beautiful death Scarlett Meadows, LEMOYNE #03 Greed is American Virtue #04 Death is silence Grizzlies West, AMBARINO #05 History is written by fools The Heartlands, NEW HANOVER #06 You long for sight and see nothing #07 Greed is now a virtue Grizzlies West, AMBARINO #08 Vanity. All is vanity Bayou Nwa, LEMOYNE #09 Eat of Knowledge Cholla Springs, NEW AUSTIN #10 Share Cholla Springs, NEW AUSTIN #11 Virtue Unearned is not virtue #12 You revel in your disgrace, I see Gaptooth Ridge, NEW AUSTIN #13 Balance. All is balance Roanoke Ridge, NEW HANOVER #14 Be greedy only for foresight #15 The lucky be strong evermore #16.1 Guide me better #16.2 Make me better Grizzlies East, AMBARINO #16.3 I shall be better Scarlett Meadows, LEMOYNE #16.4 I still seek more Big Valley, WEST ELIZABETH #16.5 I seek and I find Grizzlies West, AMBARINO #17 You flourish before you die Grizzlies West, AMBARINO #18 Seek all the bounty of this place Bayou Nwa, LEMOYNE #19 You Seek More Than The World Offers #20 My kingdom is a horse Rio Bravo, NEW AUSTIN #21 Better than my dog Roanoke Ridge, NEW HANOVER #22 A fool on command Grizzlies West, AMBARINO #23 Run! Run! Run! Big Valley, WEST ELIZABETH #24 You are a beast built for war #25 You want more than you have Roanoke Ridge, NEW HANOVER #26 You want something new #27 The best of the old ways Cholla Springs, NEW AUSTIN #28 Keep your dreams simple Grizzlies West, AMBARINO #29 Would you be happier as a clown? #30 Keep your dreams light #31 You want punishment Big Valley, WEST ELIZABETH #32 You want freedom #33 You want everyone to go away Gaptooth Ridge, NEW AUSTIN Here are the spots we've found for reference (videos also coming soon) #02 Small House, SE on the Braithwaite Land - Credit to Treefity #04 Adler's Ranch, Northwest Grizzlies #05 Railway Trading Post, Southen Heartlands #07 Inside a small cave, SW of Bacchus Bridge, Dakota River #08 Fence, St Denis #09 Lake Don Julio House, NA - Credit to Viceman #10 Pleasance House, Cholla Springs #12 Upper floor Barnhouse, Solomon's Folly - Credit to Treefity #13 Lookout Tower, Roanoke Ridge #16.2 Ambaniro Sign, Grizzlies East #16.3 Shipwreck Island, West of Clement Point #16.4 Under Owanjila Dam, WE - Credit to Cutter De Blanc #16.5 Railroad Tunnel, East of Cattail Pond #17 Broken Shack, West of Lake Isabella #18 Little Boathouse, Lagras #20 On a small island, South of Rio Bravo, San Luis River - Credit to Treefity #22 Millesani Claim, Inside the Mine, Mt.Hagen #21 Shipwreck, Northeast of Annesburg, Lanahechee #23 Fort Riggs, WE #25 Deer Cottage, Roanoke Ridge #27 Two Crows, South of Armadillo, NA - Credit to gtagrl & Viceman #28 Cairn Lake, East of Spider Gorge #31 Vetter's Echo, Big Valley Big shoutout to WAX6428 for finding this one. It's been a long dry spell, and he's found one that I would personally probably never have found. It's hard to even see. #33 Crossroads, between Gaptooth & Benedict Point Credit: WAX6428 #16.1 North of Bluewater Marsh, Lemoyne Credit to WAX6428 #30 Inside Cornwall Kerosene & Tar, The Heartlands Credit to pE0n1daS0FurA'Nus ? Here's the screenshot album: https://imgur.com/a/yw8LAX6 Know of any others? Fancy helping me find the rest? Thanks. So, to summarise there's: 8 Newspaper Cheat Codes 26 Found Locations 3 Unknown Locations? These many locations in each State: Ambarino 7 Lemoyne 5 New Hanover 5 West Elizabeth 3 New Austin 6 #14 Be greedy only for foresight #26 You want something new #32 You want freedom So close, only 3 more remaining!
  2. The Frozen Lake was the next in my list of Points of Interest. There are so many cool things to look at in the snowy part of the map, that unless you stop to look, you can easily miss, and pass straight by.
  3. Here's a closer look at Guarma's Volcanic center.
  4. I wanted to start documenting all the main landmarks or points of interest outside of the map since I feel like they deserve to be seen, and talked about.
  5. I captured some footage of that cool avalanche environment out to the west of Isabella. You will likely have come across it at some point outside of the map. It's hidden and out of the way from the main map and really questions whether or not it was meant to be in bounds at some point during development. The leaked map already shows how much the map had changed in just a year or two, so anything is possible at this point...
  6. Annesburg Tavern actually has an interior... Can't get inside though, I've tried so many times!
  7. I found some cool fishing spots out in Mexico way. One of them is a little wooden pier that doesn't appear on the map.
  8. I found a new out of the map spot after the new patch. Apparently, my last one for Arthur to get to Guarma was patched or stopped working for some people, so this was my response to that one no longer working.
  9. I know, i like mashing random songs with similar lyrics together. I do it IRL to piss off my wife when she starts singing around the house... ? I also finished my animal spawn data for outside of the map. Went around the entire map on three occasions.
  10. ...I couldn't get away! It doesn't look so far when you see it lol The mysterious man on Mt Hagen! Can you identify him?
  11. I did my best trying to get to the Northwest island... Damn you Tahiti!
  12. I didn't realize how well fortified the cotton factory was until I tried getting into it lol. And with all the workers roaming around inside of the walls, it does make me wonder if this was going to be for a mission or something...
  13. Heard some strange barking in Nuevo, as well as a lot more Mexican music.
  14. I'm currently collecting data on animal/horse/plant spawns outside of the map since we don't really have any data on it. We all know the odd general location to grab a horse, but not much else. Hopefully this will be helpful to us in some way, and well, it is the "mapping thread" after all. Click external for larger image. I've found that the horse spots are pretty random, but they are still within a radius, so they are more like "spawn zones" rather than the traditional "spawn point". More data is still needed though. Here's a little video of some of the most reliable horse spots I've found.
  15. I had to check out Kerosene & Tar, post-story...
  16. Re-did the passout scene for this video lol
  17. Yeah maybe the focal length on the camera is different to the in-game camera. It does seem a lot closer. But getting there took pretty long. I'm not even sure which part of the island I landed on. I may not have reached the tallest peak. But looking back at the video, it seems like I came in from this angle, and climbed up this way.
  18. Lol, part of me wanted to glitch down there, but i think it will be just a hole. And i can't spawn buggies or anything so it wouldn't be worth my effort anyway. Here's my new "Fastest Way to Guarma" Method
  19. No idea how far Guarma goes, but it certainly fills the entire map and then some!