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  1. Your internet connection is shitty, your family wont stop streaming movies, your phone or computer is outdated, you need to update firefox, the websites servers are down, or... (and most likely) your dumb.
  2. I disagree i want gtaV to be boring as hell with no cheats... Nah im just yankin yer chain i wanna crusie over a rioting los santos in a flying submarine then go hulk and superpunch everything in sight!
  3. I might be wrong but i remember seeing that the difficulty is adjustable for this game. And if so a hard crash on easy probably wouldnt do much damage to even an unarmoured car. You put body armour on top of that and id figure that car would be pretty damn hard to dent.
  4. In the travelouge it was mentioned in yhe healthcare section that you can be sure your bill will be payed for by taxpayers
  5. Yeah they are prolly the same trailer, i wouldnt think rockstar would make two parts of the map that alike. Seeing the satalite dish on only one just got me thinking. I feel like the dish should be an easy spot
  6. I think that actually might be two different trailers in the river, or possibly a redesign. Look at the satalite dish and pipes on top of the one in the screen shot with trevor, its also pointing down the river. The one in the shot with the plane doesnt have any satalite dish and is pointed more sideways. Some game companies might settle for just one trailer in a river... But not rockstar
  7. I saw in franklins trailer that the cops had two guys cuffed and were throwing them in the back of the cop car. Im hoping this isnt just a cutscene and they got rid of the shit where the cop just rips your door open and "busted" scrolls accross the screeen. It would be dope as hell if they actually through you in the back and had to bring you to the cop station and then you could switch characters, find, and ambush the cop car before it gets there. And id be completely fuckin hilarious if you can break free of the cops even before they put you in their car then take off down the side of the road with your arms cuffed around your back just to get tackled by a cop
  8. Give micheal a beard so he looks like a villain from die hard, get an assault rifle with a silencer, find somewhere to rob, and fuck shit up
  9. I got a feeling whatever mob or mafia that micheal screwed over with his FIB deal is gonna find him and become the major competing gang midway through the story. Rockstar seems to have a trending theme in most their games of the character's past catching up with them
  10. Play til i get through to trevor, then see if i can make some magic with that meth lab in his house. If i can im gonna get a fedora and call my self eisenberg. Otherwise when i cant do anything with it (which is probably whats gonna happen) im gonna get pissed off and smash everything in sight with a bat til i die. God bless merica
  11. This is a little off topic i was planning on posting in its own topic but it got locked. Im gonna get a good amount of negative feedback for it but id like it if the guns you had were actually shown on your body. It would limit the guns you could carry significantly but would make sneaking in heavy weapons more realistic. Like youd be able to stash guns in your trunk, car, house, And in other places around the map to either just have them ready or prepare for a heist. Cops would take more notice of you if you have an ak over your back but you could buy a briefcase to sneak a couple guns around with ya. It would add a different aspect to the game where youd have missions at a secured place and could maybe only sneak in a pistol under your waist belt and would have to make do with that til you could get to the assault rifles and heavier guns you snuck in in preparation for the mission. I know its obviously not like that and likely never will be but i still thought it would be a cool idea