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  1. Bewilderness was the first show of Bill's that I saw although my favourite is Cosmic Jam. I've also seen him live when he was trying out new material before his Tinselworm tour. Very funny bloke!
  2. The last book I read was Terminal World by Alistair Reynolds. It was the first Reynolds book I've read and I quite enjoyed it. Next I will probably get Surface Detail by the late Iain.M.Banks(R.I.P). I love his Culture novels. Also considering The Long Earth by Stephen Baxter/Terry Pratchett as I am a fan of Baxters works. Has anyone read it? Would you recommend it?
  3. Smoking QDs: Legal in Britain, Illegal in the states!

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      Zevio I agree, I am also British, I just happen to live in England.

      Brian you seem to be somewhat off an expert on homosexuality! Is there something you're not telling us?

    3. Brian


      Yeah one of my cousins is lesbian.

    4. Voidhawk77


      Me too! I just happen to be trapped in a man's body!

  4. Not forgetting Pong and Space Invaders.
  5. Just had a look through this thread and a few titles I think are classics but are not mentioned are: Wonderboy 1&2, Repton 2, Lemmings, Operation Wolf(the first arcade title to use force feedback on the control input, I think), Gauntlet(4 player action in the arcades, Outrun(the game wasn't great but the cabinet moved around as you turned the steering wheel, which was awesome for a 9yr old), and I'm sure there are a few more I could mention but aren't coming to mind at the moment!
  6. I grabbed a random book from the shelf(in this case The Neutronium Alchemist by Peter.F.Hamilton) and on the cover was a picture of a Voidhawk(a living, sentient starship) and thought "that'll do". The 77 is my year of birth.
  7. Just a quick hello to introduce myself as a new member..Hello!