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  1. I could buy an iPhone and see the point in those, I just can't bring myself to buy something like that when there is an alternative for £300 pounds less.

    The watch though... I've watched the reviews and just don't see any use for it whatsoever.

    Ps, I've had an S4 since those were released. It was my first smartphone and I have no complaints besides the battery life going down over time. I got this phone as it became a nuisance for an emigrant not to be easily reached via the Internet by his family :).

  2. i can see where this season is going just by catching the first episode... it'll be all about stanis and daenerys rise to the throne... unless they end up killing off stanis in the north lol... which wouldn't surprise me...

    I think it will be a very interesting season, the characters in the new continent developed very well in the books.

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  3. Their numbers are impressive, but I hope at least 20% of that number is refrigerated. I can't forgive you drinking any soda warm.

    Except Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper is good warm.


    When I moved to the UK, I was presented with a plethora of soft drinks we simply don't have available where I'm from. One of those is Dr. Pepper - It tasted like children's antibiotics.


    I also tried vanilla coke and irn bru, it all tasted like shit. I'm thinking these drinks didn't pass consumer tests in the south of Europe or something.

  4. My sleep has been really crap lately, I get to bed and fall asleep quite easily, but for fuck sake - 5 hours later I'm waking up and from then on I can't sleep. I often go into this state of lucid dreaming for a couple of hours before I get up. I have not used an alarm clock for ages now.


    It's amazing how the body adjusts to these things, I have not had a single good night's sleep in over 6 months now, I feel tired all the time, but I somehow manage to power through the days. Sometimes I might need to go to bed early due to being absolutely shattered, but that just fucks up my internal clock, it's a guarantee that I will be waking up in 5-6 hours or so and not be able to sleep anymore.

  5. I've noticed after dead lifting the soreness from lifting is in my lower back, traps, and upper chest. Not that I mind this, but is it normal to feel it in the traps and chest a bit?


    Traps is totally normal, chest is odd, lower back is dangerous and you should take care of your form.

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