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  1. inb4 300 screenshots of cuda dying in assorted scenarios.

    My best death so far was me trying to sneak behind a clicker for the old shiv-eroo, and accidentally just hit him/her with a bottle.

    I have found a couple of bugs too, just after the Bill levels, where you find yourself in the city and have to get over the bridge - in one of those areas my retarded ass got semi caught while on stealth, for the duration of that area all the fucking NCPS just ran around in full speed doing circles up and down stairs, making it a bitch to sneak through.

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  2. You come from an Optimus commercial? I don't even know what that is, but it's a miracle you survived.

    I am from Amadora, just outside of Lisbon. It has a high crime rate, lots of gangs and drugs. Growing up there was an interesting adventure, but I still love it, and one day I hope to go back and help the city. For a couple of these guys, more than likely it was their first time wearing a suit.

    Optimus is a telecommunication company that did a commercial in Amadora, some of the guys in the last seconds of the clip I actually went to school with :). It's all portrayed in a negative light (I've already had lot of discussions about this... I don't like the city being portrayed like some sort of American 'hood').

  3. Your crew looks weird, bro.

    On a more personal note, what are you doing wearing khaki slacks with a black jacket? Are you an archaeological researcher for Oxford? I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that, based on the brown belt, you were at least wearing brown shoes.


    Here are the shoes,


    It was too hot to wear a full suit, fuck that shit. jacket was on for the photo basically - I ain't wearing that all day long. Also, it apparently is a very dark blue, but the photo was scanned.

    Wait... am I actually justifying my choice of clothes on the internet? I wear a Reservoir Dogs themed t-shirt to work ffs.

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