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  1. It's what I sort of feared from a MMOFPS game, not enough mechanics to make it interesting.

    - "Slow" UI due to the lack of mouse/keyboard.

    - Lack of abilities due to the small number of available keybinds, which in turn results in content with very little challenges besides movement based playstyle.

    - No chat function, MMOs need a chatbox somehow, fuck typing on a console though.

    - Shortage of abilities makes classes far too similar, the talent trees looked nice, but there isn't enough in there for me to see a clear difference between a warlock and a hunter.

    There is a reason why MMO games fail on consoles, developers are extremely limited due to the controls. Imagine playing a game like WoW on a console.

  2. Wireless internet is almost always shit.

    It's wired.

    Fuck me, internet sounds horrible in the US. Traffic shapping in this day and age? 5 mbps dowload? For reals?

    I was getting 18ish.

    18ish doesn't make it substantially better anyway, how much are your folks paying for the connection anyway?

    Portugal might be ass fuck town in many ways, but at least back home basic service is a guaranteed 30mb download.

    I want my 120mb connection back ffs.

  3. even if activision bought it, they probably wouldn't change how TT runs things... to my knowledge, they haven't pushed blizzard around since they bought them... i think they know that if something is working, don't mess it up...

    Activision's influence over Blizzard has been more than noticeable - WoW turning into an "all family all everybody" game, the initial decisions on how to monetize Diablo 3, the rushed out content... my last good experience with video games was with Blizzard, and it ended with them too.

  4. Hah, yeah. I think I'll be getting this for sure, I'm also tempted to try out Diablo, but it's such a time consuming game, and if you're on my friend list you know how little I play.

    With that said, I'm sort of bored of TLOU... single player games get too boring :(.

  5. There you go Massacre

    I'm not sure what this was about. I don't remember requesting a picture of cuda.

    *Kicks box of tissues out of sight*

    I felt like you were sort of displeased with the overall direction of the topic, so that was my attempt to help out. That was my last weekend, hula hooping and GREAT paella, should have taken a picture of that too.