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  1. Jeez, he just lost the World Cup final. Cut the man some slack. Nothing wrong with showing human emotion.
  2. Neuer...Golden Glove winner...okay, fair enough. Messi...Golden Ball winner...Umm, WHAT?!?!?!?! And I stand by what I said earlier. Agree to disagree.
  3. I disagree. Both teams were going for it in the first half, and if one of the many chances created had gone in, nobody would be claiming that it was boring and/or uneventful. Great finish to win it though. And given that they were the best team throughout the tournament, you have to say the Germans deserved it. They could easily dominate World and European football the way Spain did for a few years.
  4. Any excuse. I'm sure you could have drunk less if you wanted to :-p Now watching an hour of build-up to the final, on both the UK's BBC and ITV. Looks as if the BBC presenting team are making an effort by dressing smartly. The ITV lot look like scruffy tourists. And, by the way, I want the Argies to win. Obviously Germany will be the favourites, but Argentina can certainly rouse themselves for a one-off game.
  5. May I remind you all that David Luiz is a £50 million rated defender. I wonder if the Qatari brokered PSG are wondering about asking for a refund...
  6. 3-0. And the Brazilians get dismantled. Again. Perhaps the players, manager and coaching staff should just go into hiding at full time.
  7. So then, is anyone going to bother with Brazil-Netherlands tonight? Or - as it's known by it's official title - "The Most Pointless Football Match In The History Of Mankind".
  8. If you're going to do that, stay in Kent and stay the fuck away from Wales!!!!!!!! What I wrote on Facebook in the immediate aftermath: "For better or worse (mainly worse), it's a good job I'm that pro-England that I couldn't dream of supporting anyone else. But for any other England fans who are going to pick a team to support on the day of the final, the choices of Argentina and Germany probably represent something of a nightmare scenario." Will be very interesting to see how the betting goes for that one in this country. Quick word about the game: it was definitely one of those "needed-a-goal" games. And it was a shame that both teams played not to lose as it went on. Obviously a place in the final is a big deal, but a lack of killer instinct really did neither team any good. I would have felt more comfortable about the Netherlands chances against Germany had they got through. But as it stands, Argentina really need to up their game. Again.
  9. If Holland win tonight, I honestly don't think they'll be daunted by the Germans. For me, Louis van Gaal has been the coach of the tournament so far. Hasn't been afraid to make changes when the situation has demanded it, and he'll relish taking on the Germans. And the historical animosity between the two nations would give that matchup some extra spice. Not counting out Argentina though. They've been improving as the tournament progresses. Everyone talks about Messi, but for me, Mascherano has just been as essential, being the 'glue' holding down the midfield to enable the forwards to run riot. The passing of Alfredo di Stefano could also inspire them. Oh, and it's Argentina's Independence Day today as well. So no pressure to entertain a nation in celebratory mood. I just want a good match tonight, Messi to sparkle, and Robben to do the same while behaving himself and staying on his feet.
  10. And look at how angry Neuer looked after conceding it. 7-1, bloody hell. Never thought I'd live to see the day a Brazilian team got thumped. I would say that the players might need a police escort to get out of Belo Horizonte tonight, but the police might be the first ones to beat them. They are SO not going to want to play that third place match, and for reasons that go beyond the obvious...
  11. Like a horror show you simply cannot take your eyes off... Okay, some people had Germany to win this without Neymar and Thiago Silva-less Brazil, but this scoreline? There are a shitload of happy bookies all over the world right now. Schoolboy defending. Quick edit: Best line from BBC commentator Steve Wilson to start the second half: "Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier...THUMPED."
  12. Okay, what the HELL am I watching. FIVE-NIL to Germany? Are you fucking kidding me?
  13. Thinking that some people commenting on here should stick to what they know. Anyway, didn't do too well with the qf predictions. So I'll just say this. When it comes to the final, I'm hoping for either Argentina-Brazil, or Netherlands-Germany. Simply because those two pairs of teams flat out hate each other.
  14. Mask-related nonsense. I'm the photographer, see if you can guess who is who. People in the photo, keep quiet for now...
  15. All-Star Mr & Mrs on ITV. It was shit, so I turned it off after about ten minutes and switched on my PS3 instead.
  16. Thanks for the updates on The Liberator. Well, I just had a mess around with it on SP, and to be honest, I think the novelty for me would wear off very quickly, and certainly not worth spending over 700k on. I had no idea until just now that the Roosevelt was still available to drive in at least one form of the game, really must check out the character's "special vehicles" more often. I'm beginning to agree with others who believe that this "limited time" thing is just a ruse by Rockstar to get people to believe that they're missing out on something special, and for them to go crazy in buying Shark Cards as a result.
  17. My quarter-final predictions to come on Friday morning my time. Just too tired to think properly right now. EDIT: A little later than planned, but still before kickoff of the first game today. Now some people are finding France-Germany a little too close to call. I've seen plenty of divided opinion, but it's clear with me. I expect Germany to win. There's a case for saying that France have been on a downward spiral since their big win over the Swiss. Deschamps is going to have to get the team selection absolutely right today for them to have a chance. But Germany are proving to be their strong, resilient selves, and after fielding a ton of pressure from Algeria in the first half of their previous game, they finished much the stronger, and fully deserved their win. And they should get the job done today. Maybe by two goals. I'd best not book a flight to Brazil any time soon, as you can count me amongst those who believes that the host nation will be shocked by Columbia tonight. You can make the case that this exciting Columbia team is playing more like Brazil than Brazil themselves. And all of this without arguably their best player (Falcao). For Brazil to triumph, Neymar is going to have to play out of his skin, and the rest of the team are going to have to show something. Anything. But I believe that Rodriguez will lead Columbia to the upset. Argentina-Belgium. Now this could go either way in terms of quality, it could be a lush goalfest, or be as dull as ditchwater. Just depends upon whether Argentina actually start playing as a complete team, and whether or not Belgium's starting XI can actually make something happen before the 70th minute. Marc Wilmots cannot be expected to pull out a proverbial rabbit out of the hat with every substitution he makes! Still, I've been more impressed with Belgium overall, and I think that they will beat Argentina. As much as I'd love to see Costa Rica continue their fairytale run, I think it comes to an end tomorrow against the Netherlands. As mentioned before, the Dutch have coped admirably with everything that has been thrown at them in this tournament so far, and I don't think that they will suffer too many ill effects from the heat of the previous game. Here's hoping that Robben doesn't do anything stupid this time. Finally, I predict that none of the four games in this round will go to penalties.
  18. What I just wrote on Facebook: "Argentina-Switzerland: shite. USA-Belgium: Arguably the best game of the tournament so far. Credit to the Americans, they never quit, even when the second Belgian goal went in. But Belgium's quality came through in the end, and Lukaku played like a man possessed when he came on." Algeria yesterday, USA today. Like cuda said yesterday, a lot of teams would do well to adapt their attitude.
  19. Just sneak? Well, Lukaku's introduction in to the game put paid to that. He's playing like a man possessed. Definitely has something to prove, that one. That second goal probably broke the spirit of Team USA, but the Belgians know they've been in a game tonight. Edit: HOLD THE BACK PAGE, spoke too soon!!!!!! US get one back, now if only they can score again in the next five minutes...
  20. USA-Belgium may well be goalless at the time of typing, but it is a damn sight more entertaining than the previous game. Belgium have better quality, but the Americans just refuse to quit. But why is Fellaini still on the pitch though? He's clearly in Man United mode...
  21. I didn't think passive mode meant anything at all in this game at any point. I gave up on the idea early on when I was blown up to shit when minding my own business as a pedestrian.
  22. The house I've now bought in Paleto Bay is just a stopgap, I have 14 vehicles at present, and I wouldn't have sacrificed any if I had more than 16. As Massacre alluded to earlier, the interiors are exactly the same, very disappointing. I keep forgetting that you can road test the new vehicles in single player. Still, the price tag of that Liberator has put me right off, so I'll just settle for doing damage in it as Franklin. Another test will make me determine whether or not to buy the bike. Got to give it up for the musket though. As good as useless, fires only one bullet per reload. But at least it looks cool.
  23. And the ordeal is over. Tell you what, neither Belgium nor the USA will fear playing the Argies on this form.
  24. Argentina-Switzerland. Damn, this is shite. Beginning to think that Argentina really ARE a one-man team now. Switzerland have almost completely neutralised him, and none of the others are really stepping up. As for the Swiss, if only they'd scored what was an easy chance towards the end of the first half, might have seen a more open game then. Only thing making this exciting on the BBC is co-commentator Mark Lawrenson. He's in his element with the dry humour today.
  25. Following in the footsteps of the I'm Not A Hipster thread, someone had to start this one. So why not me? I'm home at present (scheduled day off work), so I'm currently all over this. Seven new properties, and yes, they're all houses. Prices range from $118k to $155k. But bad luck if you have two 10-car garages that are full, only 2s and 6s feature here. I always wanted to have property in Blaine County, and I'm definitely eyeing up one of the two 6-doors in Paleto Bay. You're going to have to shell out some serious coin if you want that Liberator monster truck though. $742014, ouch!!!!! Might just have to settle for the Sovereign, a more wallet friendly $120k. I'm sure that others will comment on the clothing, tattoos and weapons, and most likely post Snapmatics et al. But the topic has been started now. Do your worst.