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  1. Using R3 to aim, means i have no life? Ok i'm gonna go hang myself now
  2. Thats because your playing with AutoAim..... Join the real force my friend, youll see what i mean. I dont even know why Rockstar created AutoAim ..... AutoAim and Aimbot hackers on counter-strike, back in the days, for me its the same..... cant see the difference.
  3. They seriously need to balance the weapons. People dont know how to use a real gun anymore... its always sticky bomb, RPG's and Mini Gun, all the time. With all the money glitch, The price of Sticky Bombs, RPG, Grenade Launcher, and Mini Gun should cost a percentage% of the money u have, instead of having a fixed cost (Example: Sticky Bomb 600$).
  4. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/_Y6stKqAN0SL39HvKxS0Vg?platformId=2
  5. More animation, means more lag ...... I dont know about you guys but in GTA IV i used to put Low Traffic and Pedestrians Off and it was reducing the lag by at least 20 % witch made a huge difference. GTA5 got too many, unnessesary, walking pedestrians
  6. I know GunSmith , but i would like to have a proximity chat button , to be able to talk to the stranger next to me , instead of hearing every 12 years old kids in the server. We need proximity Chat Seriously
  7. Voice Chat should be with your friends and a button u can press to do proximity Chat to a stranger nearby ......... instead of hearing everyone talking at the same time in the server
  8. I will remember thoses words Mr Smith .... will see The idea is to bring back the classic GTA IV Cops and crooks, in a GTA 5 Version
  9. U can use them, just dont get caught (Using an RPG grenade Launcher's and C4 to kill an officer or a other player, would give u more jail time if u get arrested, then using a pistol)
  10. I would like to see GTA 5 become more realistic.... New update should be: 1.Tanks and Buzzard will be available only if its stolen from the army base ( It will reduce numbers of newbs using tanks 24/7) 2.u will be able to be a police officer with a normal police car ( Not Ferraries and lamborghini police car...... lets be real ) 3.Police officer will have aradar speed gun, patrol on roads & highways and give speeding ticket. They will also lose there badge and kicked out of the force if they kill too many players with out good reason. 4. All police forces will be off radar on the minimap, until theyr siren goes on.... when a crooks that commited a crime is being chase by the police, he will be off radar intil he gets caught or get away 5. Players using powerful weapons against the police will spend more time in jail, if they get caught - Servers will detect all Modders using mods on normal servers and will be ban for 15 days - All players with more then 5 Millions $ in theyr account will be reduce to 5 M - Most Glitch will be fix, and no more disappearing cars
  11. Autoaim: Disallowed as the default setting plz (people will get used to play without autoaiming)