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  1. Lamb roast resting. Spuds nearly done. Cauliflower cheese browning up while I stir the gravy. My mouth is watering. Bring it on.

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      i've had lamb ribs before, that was super delish..

    2. Firm


      I've got a a bag of pickled onion mega monster munch :P

    3. Ginginho


      I ordered a braised lamb shank from my local pizza delivery place... pretty good value...

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  2. I only just saw this, Dup But one of my girls is called Annabelle too. You have great taste.
  3. This episode pissed me off. This group are supposed to be veteran survivors. "hey guys, lets just go storm this heavily fortified camp with no fucking recon whatsoever!" i get that rick in the TV show is much more reactionary but that was just fucking stupid.
  4. Rob


    I'm worried this is an insight into his namesake.
  5. Rob


    Neither is my second characters name. I thought "Tubby Bastard" would've been a given.
  6. Rob

    No Man's Sky

    This is pretty high on my radar to be honest. I'll be interested to see if it can deliver what it's claiming. Being the cynical cunt I am I doubt it can.
  7. Rob


    Same... On both counts.
  8. Rob


    Fucking awesome. I really assumed I was just being paranoid but I really hope this is true.
  9. Rob


    I used companions just for their perks on the first playthrough. But I didn't find curie until I was bobblehead hunting after finishing the story also I never teamed up with the courser companion because I was paranoid he would rat me out for playing both sides. God that sounds stupid when I read it back. But he's a courser and my first was a railroad affiliated character.
  10. No idea. I doubt it though. Tbh I just deleted it out of frustration.
  11. Yep. I did exactly the same thing. Mrs went to bed early and I was excited to give it a crack. Nope. Stupid hicks on murder charges on netflix for Rob tonight. Ho hum. Also copious amounts of beer.
  12. I really enjoyed downloading the beta. All 28gb of it only to find out the betas closed. Well thaaank you pal! Also if it's only online. I'm out. Most of the time I want to play games to get away from people (present company excluded) not keen on wasting time in lobbies waiting for the 7 people worldwide who happen to be online when I am.
  13. Rob


    I am so fucking hard right now....
  14. Rob


    Plus 25% for being Australian. Sweet. On another note I just found another location not far from sanctuary on my second play through I never found in about 5 tucking days of playing this game. This is what I love about Bethesda. I could probably find something I've never seen before in fallout 3 even to this day!
  15. Rob


    Finished the story. I was whelmed
  16. Rob


    I haven't finished the story either. Pretty close though. @bones. It's still better than nothing. I was getting around 77% at good range last night.
  17. Rob


    Well fuck. I only just got maccreadys perk just for that bug! Thanks rocks... Damn it! Force of habit.
  18. Rob


    Me too bones. Literally just today put the brotherhood offside as this is a railway playthrough. Also gtagrl: I am please to explaining. Thank you very nice. X-01 Suit. All pieces painted Military = increased strength. Calibrated Shocks increase carry weight capacity Mk.VI improves damage and energy resistance Jet Pack Military X-01 Mk.VI Torso Military X-01 Mk. VI Helmet, [bright Headlamp] Military X-01 Mk. VI Left Arm Military X-01 Mk. VI Right Arm Calibrated Military X-01 Mk. VI Left Leg Calibrated Military X-01 Mk. VI Right Leg ...and yes I have the season pass my bacon baby but have not completed the game yet. That.Cheers, synch
  19. Rob


    I've got about 9 suits of power armour. 3 are fully tricked out. But I hardly ever use them anymore. Even though this guys a tank. He tanks hard enough without the power armour now. Kinda disappointed in that. Honestly he's at a point where all the best power armour in the game does is add a few hit points (not that many tbh) and increase his carry level which is a moot point with the forth heavy lift perk. The point I'm trying to make I guess is the dumbed down perk system is detrimental to the game imo. With too many options you can specialise in 2 or 3 areas without much drama. My tank can sneak into almost any situation with heavy combat armour on. Coz of perks. Rant over.
  20. Rob


    I think Bethesda really missed an opportunity to call people who support the synths synthesisers. I'll go now.
  21. Rob


    Haven't had a chance to play fallout (or anything else) for over a week. I'm jonesing man!
  22. Rob


    I'm in the same boat bones. I'm backing up separate saves for every mission now. I figure if I go down a path I'm not happy with I'll go back and try something else. Haven't got to that point yet.