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  1. I typed his username and it automatically became a link. But if I purposely linked that user profile, it would be funny. Because I would be doing it for no reason.
  2. Grand Theft Auto Fan that is a shitty list. I like little Michael though. I can't believe you're one of those chicks that listen to Drake. Isn't lil' wayne's Steady Mobbin' a diss song aiming at Ice Cube? I believe the radio stations should have a mix of old and new songs. I don't know why Rock Star put an Enrique Inglesias song in the game. They should make a Punjabi Radio Station, so I can laugh very hard whenever I enter those taxi cabs in the game. I need a good laugh. I wish the taxi cab drivers will be act more violent towards you in the game. Remember that crazy black taxi cab driver drove over this guy's face in the corner of St. Laurent Blvd, Mtl. two summers ago. YEAH, that violent.
  3. What's up with Jaws? I think it would be cool if you had to find a Jaws like shark in the ocean for an achievement.
  4. Remember you had to find clues for a ufo in assasins creed 3 and the ufo was found out to be an umbrella at the end. Huh? I thought that was funny. Maybe that fireman here is right. Maybe the space ship parts are actually a sex-a-ma-jing toy after you piece it all together. Maybe there is an achievement where you can collect the different body parts of bigfoot. For example, find bigfoot's dirty underwear, smell it, then receive achievement.. My father was in the mlitary and he said those ufo's are nothing but spy planes. I wouldn't worry about aliens beating the crap out of you after finding all those space ship parts. Oh, yeah. This is going to be the best game, eveer.
  5. I think in the second trailer, you can see a mall with open doors and it looks like you are able to walk inside. I wonder what you are able to purchase inside malls. Dil...back massager. What's a Scarface game. lol. Rockstar says we have an endless amount of things to buy with the money you made or stole, so that makes me more anticipated about what's the rest of the stuff is going to be in the game. I convinced three friends to get interested in this game and now they're starting to say to me, you're right. It is the best game ever made. I hope this is the type of game I give away after a month playing it. I doubt it.
  6. I think Rockstar is going to put exotic animals in the game that you can buy in certain pet stores. Maybe you could buy a python and feed your victims to it. It would be funny to see a snake slithering around my house with a fat belly...with my victim in it.
  7. Nice. Do you need to buy a bus pass to be able to ride in the buses? You meant how much is for a Brfazilian. Thank you.
  8. I find it funny when foreign cab drivers are listening to international music on their favourite music station like in GTA Liberty City Stories and in GTA IV. It also feels good to ask the taxi driver to switch to a better station. I also like the cab drivers talking about their stupid lives while driving me to a bar. I also like balsting the cab driver in the head with a 12 guage shot gun. And getting a free ride too. Independence FM always made fun of my cool songs. Who doesn't listen to Celine Dion and James Taylor? I listen to Celine Dion whenever I'm in a high speed chase from the law and being tha realist muthphaka you ever saw. I hope the next Independence FM DJ will be a girl. Sorry, I'm rambling. I'm a lil high while typing this.
  9. Hey, I'm french Canadian. And yeah, some Quebecers have a shitty attitude. If I don't give change to a homeless person they will call me a "canard", "casee-toi".