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  1. Pick up hitchhiker, drive to the top of Mt. Chiliad, drive car off mountain w/ ped inside, jump out & parachute to safety.
  2. Grab a fairly nice car (Buffalo) & cruise the WHOLE map. Once I do that, rob a few places, hit the highway, & go on a crazy police chase. Thus, leading to a "Wasted" or "Busted" screen. *switch to next character & do it all over again*
  3. Look at the new screenshots. There's a pic of Michael in the Bugstar suit w/ a whiteboard behind him. There's a jewelery store & they point out where the cameras are. So, maybe they'll play a part like the people with iFruits can take pics of you doing crimes. We'll see...
  4. Rims, paint, body kits, spoilers, accessories, lift kits, suspension for off-roading, led lighting (headlights, tails, underbody), chrome pieces...
  5. Nice post! Those masks are great! Rockstar outdid themselves when the PS2 was ending w/ San Andreas. It looks like they're pulling NO stops on this one & going ALL out, now that PS3 is about to be finished! September 17th...can't wait!
  6. If you look in the new trailers, every character seems to have a different set of clothes. In the scene where Franklin shoots the guy w/ the flashlight shotgun, you can see the "F" on his jacket. Might be a hint for custom clothes (i.e. Binco).
  7. This game is going to be amazing. I think Franklin will be most people's fav. character because he's versatile. He looks like he wants to leave the gangs alone, but still stays in the hood, which prevents him from getting out. Trevor is just crazy & doesn't care. Choking old ladies? LMAO. Michael wants to get out the life & his family seems to be unorganized.