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  1. But they can die, so why wouldn't you be able to kill them? And is there a guarantee you get their cut if they do die? I would ass/u/me so but you never know...
  2. We are putting more trucks and cars in this GTA than any other GTA we've done. Lots of trucks and cars. Also, we will try not to put no stupid shit in the game, thank you for you recommendation. now THAT is funny. I can see the planning session now... "make sure we don't put any stupid shit in the game. people won't like that"
  3. sort of like Rivet City in Fallout 3? I know there was another entrance to the lab but initially you had to get in through the wonderful irradiated water.
  4. I'm James and I've played every GTA I could get my hands on... never got into San Andreas (although I kind of wish I had now--might still do it just to say I did). Didn't have a PSP so I didn't do the Chinatown one and I don't know if I did GTA2 or not. I think I started the UK one but didn't finish. Anyhow, GTAIV has been a favorite since it came out and I'm playing it more often now, in great anticipation of GTAV's arrival in September. I, like a few people I know, will be taking a couple of days off from work to enjoy everything Los Santos has to offer. My wife hates the fact that I play the game, and my kids still think it's called "race cars and helicopters" like I told them about 6 or 7 years ago when I started playing Vice City. When I'm not playing GTA, I enjoy golf (although I suck at it), travelling, activities with my kids and various other activities, including but not limited to, attending NASCAR races, NHL games, college baseball and football games and MLB baseball games whenever I get the chance. I've been to the Daytona 500 3 times, the Amp Energy 500 (Talladega) once and a few Nationwide races and 1 ARCA race and the Sprint Unlimited (FKA Bud Shootout). I'm on XBOX Live--Nolafish77. Hit me up if you want to run roughshod through Liberty City sometime before September 17th...