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  1. OMG THIS IS THE REAL MAP (i think this should be posted on the piss takes topic) Also , stop posting maps even if you put them in spoiler tags.You've waited for this game for a year and now you can't last 3 more days?
  2. Besides sharks i think we'll see sea turtles , and why not some whales
  3. I don't care about anything , i'll just check out if the trees are destructible.
  4. Insightful. edit* So far everything convinced me about the game apart from the driving .I know that every reviewer and R* employee said it can rival to any racing game but to me seems too....twitchy. I want to be wrong so i can't wait to actually see for myself how the cars handle.
  5. I'd left the shop owner running away just to yell at him : Run bitch ! RUUUUUUUUN!
  6. Don't know if anyone said this before , but i want an underground cave system.
  7. Does anybody know where is the original article? Found it
  8. So i get that everytime you park your car you also have to buy a parking ticket , and if you don't , your car gets impounded? That's an inconvenient...