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  1. ok i added you and i wont make any problems
  2. hello i want to join if there is no problem can you tell me how
  3. one time I saw a fat cop chasing a biker in gta 4 and I decided to help him but when I pushed the criminal he started chasing me I dont want this to happened in gta 5
  4. I was just thinking are we going to be able to pick lock the car doors instead smashing the window what do you think
  5. I agree with that gta games had awayes have one character and if gta 5 have two protagonists it will be a total mess-in my opinium
  6. Well, pointless having two. Nuh-uh, maybe I want to drive a red car on one game and a pink one on another. or maby one ps3 copy and one pc copy