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  1. i think that they even allowed it with the xbox ports, someone correct me if im wrong but i think it was in there. SA in particular.
  2. kinda sucks that they allow this, it's getting out of hand really. I hope they introduce something nice with the special edition, didn't care much for the IV one.
  3. I dont see any delays happening here, they had too much time working on this to perfect it. I remember Max Payne was delayed but there wasn't even a trailer available at all, just a screen shot or two. We already have two trailers and a bunch of screen shots. I expect it to come on time.
  4. I remember in TBOGT you would jump out of a helicopter into the water and drive your boat on land and hop in a car and race to the finish line. I want to see this come back in a major way, and also to come back online. would be sick to do all this and race to mt chilliard, get on a bike and race to the top.
  5. Thanks, and its good to be here. Other forums are too immature so im glad this is different!
  6. this wont focus on gangs like SA did, these three protags are big time criminals, not small time gang members, there's a reason Franklin dropped that life and is now with more established criminals probably making a way better living than he ever did before. They won't include ballas or any of that sort, but more new era gangs that resemble LA. i would hope they have a San Quentin representation and have Franklin stay there for a couple missions and a possible breakout with the other two protags. these 3 character idea can really make a game shine.
  7. I love rap but jeez everything won't be just rap. here are some that i think would fit the vibe. I'm picking songs that would fit the steve wonder song and what radio station that would be, just to switch it up a bit. this is obvious and would be cool if they added this specific one. hopefully they bring back Julio G and let him add some more classics from the mid 90's