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  1. spawning where you died is horrible, got killed 4 times in a row lost 20-30.000 dollars and my car because the guy was spawnkilling me. I know you can turn it of and spawn somewhere else, but it changes back every time, and even then you spawn in the street.
  2. The official trailer is coming out 3 weeks prior to release, I remember the map of GTA IV being showed/leaked 3 weeks before release, maybe they will show the map thursday.
  3. Exactly, driving through a huge area with the same tree 20 times isn't fun. It should be immersive with detail. This has been discussed (I'm not sure where), A quote from Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies: "It's big, and the level of detail in there is ridiculous. It's really quite impressive what the artists have managed to do; to squeeze it all on to this machine."
  4. GTA San Andreas seemd huge and packed but everything was packed together very close you just didn't realise because of the draw distance. GTA IV was pretty big but it was just made up useless buildings. GTA V is going to be huge, if not by size then the experience there will be so much to do. The map will contain everything, and more!
  5. The vineyards are between the auditorium and the Zancudo river, maybe a town, some mansion's or an industrial area for export or some sort of distillery would be possible
  6. You're right that looks more like a military base and the landing strip wouldn't be across the road.
  7. My bad, thought I read that in another forum In the gameplay trailer people say the towers in the distance are form a prison I was actually thinking that it might be a military base, it would be logical with an airstrip nearby.
  8. Don't really get your point but the fact is that I don't care about acuracy of Los Santos, it's based of LA and the area and I don't mind there being landmarks from different parts of the US
  9. How about the pecker making a return in Paleto: it says chicken festival so it would be logical for it to be there. Buy the way this is the pecker: Oh and about the landmarks, it doesn't matter if the bridge is really close to LA or not. Look at the airport in Liberty city it was based on one somewhere in Oklahoma or somewhere.
  10. I loved the hunting in red dead I spent hours looking for animals and the special hunting missions Imagine that but then with a car, just riding along you see a dear on the side of the road and you hit it at 100mph
  11. yeah noticed the green clothing that franklin's homies where wearing hoping there will be grove street and all the other gangs