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  1. No User Profile The user you're looking for does not have a profile failed, i knew you don't have MCLA as the way you explained it
  2. I LOVE YOU ALL, i hate ppl says "okay ppl give your wish list" come on mate you are nobody, and rockstar won't even take a look at thease forums, they don't care about wishlist unless its on facebook, you tube or twitter
  3. wait pandenemic studios is closed Oo come on mate, i think there could be other cityes in gta v, just check out the first gta san andreas trailer it only shows los santos, and a few characters
  4. yes, then why would boats be in the game, just to travel from a dock to a nather? i have good news, possibly its not true, look at the first GTA San Andreas trailer, same and shows some actors whit slow music and ONLY IN LOS SANTOS and the second trailer show more characters whit faster musiccheck them out, ah and also at the end of gta sa's trailer the GTA SA logo fades in and out as the same way as GTA V's logo
  5. lol you never played GTA IV, only San Andreas? then stop wondering about GTA V