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  1. The only use for them would be to go on multiplayer move the farris to the top and snipe people I guess .
  2. Yo I'm in a modded lobby and we r driving jets,toilets,dinosaurs and all kinds of stuff add me on psn rmb11rb if u want to join the lobby!!!
  3. Help I have a question I downloaded the $7 minecraft app on iiOS and when I go to scan 4 wifi game or multiplayer it will never load??
  4. GTAaddict5

    BO!! Ps3

    Anyone wanna play BO ps3 right now PSN ASR2140.
  5. Just got done playing black ops for 4-5 hours

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    2. ViceMan


      *due to whining honkys I can no longer say honky.

    3. GTAaddict5


      I've played played GTA iv/eflc for more than 5 hours

    4. jobo
  6. so i could snap a photo of results, i wasn't ready... plus, we were in a close match, might of given you a free kill trying to get ready... EDIT: fuck you then, don't play next time... i had a lot fun as usual... Calm down there it's just a game/opinion