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  1. The game looks amazing and most of all it looks like a challenge. A game where you actually have to think before you act. The demo's look amazing and if you watch both of them you can see how different every situation can be. Really looking forward to this game!
  2. Funniest would have to be Arrested Development and a close second Community.
  3. I got mine by combining legolas from LoTR, Kiba from Naruto, and 213 the area code I was born in.
  4. I wish. I'm a dispatcher for this airport parking thing. It's ok pays good. That's enough about me though. How have you been?
  5. I just said I was at work so it wouldn't look too good if I start googling "slutty girls". You're too fucking funny marney. Wait till I get home and I have the perfect avatar.
  6. Yeah Yeah...I hate you too. Why the name change if you don't mind me asking. I always knew there was something odd about you.
  7. Hey Marney long time no talk, It's great to see you here Omen invited me here and said you were on here so it sounded perfect. I have been too busy with work to get on my ps3 (I'm actually at work right now bored out of mind). So, how have you been?
  8. Hey, iGTA5 my name is Fernando but just call me legokiba213. I am from Houston,TX and I am 18 years old. I was invited here by my good friend Omen. That's about it so.....Hello everyone!