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  1. Info on the book, apparently the next one is coming in 2015 but I cant see the show not catching up soon enough. http://www.idigitaltimes.com/winds-winter-release-date-george-rr-martin-wants-2015-release-after-feeling-hype-star-398050
  2. They need to take a break with this, AC is running out of steam especially how the have dealt with Unity which seems to have a tonne of bugs. The setting sounds good but I wonder what the conflict would be about. One screenshot shows a tube station so that tells us it will be mid to late 1800s. From memory I can't think of significant wars or events that happen (apart from Jack the Ripper).
  3. Played it a little at my mates, getting used to the controls is a change, the parkour change I do like as well as the fighting mechanism. The story I haven't played much of but from the beginning sequences,
  4. In the UK you can pay an average £30 - £45 per month on contract for the latest phone. Right now I have the S5, it is a big upgrade from my iphone4 which was slow and buggy after 3 years of constant use. One thing that still annoys me a little (a lot a the beginning), was that the S5 has 2 of everything, 2 email apps, 2 internet apps, 2 music apps. You can't delete them as well. In terms of camera it is amazing. The video records in 2k resolution and its got a 16MP camera which is insanely good.
  5. Just got Rogue today, its pretty much exactly like Black Flag, even some of the shanties are the same. Story so far is keeping me going otherwise its like AC4. Lot of returning characters like Adowale and Achilles
  6. I hope Rogue doesn't turn out to be like Revelations, some rushed thing that could have been so much more. From what I can tell, he isn't a templar per se, just an assassin turned rogue.
  7. Holland are still poor defensively, I know they destroyed Spain but can't see them winning it. I think Spain are in for a tough game tonight against Chile, Chile will be up for it and be well prepared to defend.
  8. The show is ruining the books a little I think as it is diverging quite a lot. I mean, for example I think the author has given up on writing the books before the show ends, as Brans story is already finished from book 5 if I remember correctly. This season has took too much from seasons 4 and 5. Next season the producers will really earn there money as it's going to be a lot more difficult to incorporate everyones story with the books not being a perfect guide anymore.
  9. This Iran and Nigeria game is boring, could be 0-0 at full time. Germany weren't properly tested I think which is a shame as I don't see them being as strong as they look. They don't play a recognized striker too which is very different from other teams. Looking forward to seeing Belgium play though, they are the dark horses for me in this World Cup, got class players such as Hazard, Kompany and Lukaku, and also other decent players like Fellaini. Januzaj is a strong prospect for them too.
  10. Rooney did create the goal but the fact remains he doesn't play on the left wing, that said I don't think he would have been better than Sterling in the NO 10 position in the hole behind the striker, which means he needs to be dropped for someone else if England will continue with that formation. He let Baines down a lot by not covering him. Welbeck did ok considering he was played out of position too and had to track back. In the next game I'd drop Henderson and put Wilshere in midfield, he is much better at distributing the ball and is the only 'European' type player we have who can actually keep possession. For now though it'll be tough to get out of the group. Especially after Cosa Rica gave a massive surprise to Uruguay.
  11. Van Persies header was lethal, that goal gave them the confidence, Spain are looking very average, you play too many over 30s and this what happens, if they had Mata and Fabregas in there today, it would be a different story I reckon. Still lets see what England can do tomorrow.
  12. If Spain win it, it would be a massive feat, I just don't think they will for some reason, Iniesta and Xavi are in their 30s and unless people Mata and Koke start they won't have a youthfulness about them. European teams tend not to do well in South America so I would put my money on Argentina or Brazil. That said I would class teams like Chile and Belgium as dark horses. England on the other hand will probably struggle to get out of the group stages.
  13. Seems decent, I like that they have overhauled the parkour mechanics. The stealth mode is something that should have been added long ago.
  14. Reading the books doesn't diminish the show, but I'm starting to wonder how they are going to do next season. This season has borrowed some bits from book 4 and 5, and the stories are advancing quite fast especially Briennes and Bran Starks. I actually think one scene in this season was from Book 6 I doubt the Winds of Winter will be released before next season which means the show will overtake the books which will be bad I think. The books have more detail and the show now is diverging from the books a lot.
  15. Apparently AC:Unity will have different parkour mechanics and from the trailer there looks more scale of things. I would probably buy a PS4 for AC:Unity but I am yet to play AC: Black Flag, so I need to get through that first I think.
  16. -Hussain-


    Is it worth getting a PS4 if you have a 720p tv? I can get one for £300 so I'm considering it.
  17. hahaaha Maybe America sugar coates their 'interventions' as humanitarian, but they're not. The Iraq war for one was about oil, don't say it was about Iran, Iran has benefited immensely from the Iraq war. The Iraq war has allowed the oil there (from Kurdistan to the south Iraq) to be exploited by oil companies and it has also allowed pipelines to be built through Turkey which will soon be exported to Europe. I mean I honestly cannot fathom how people don't see this, in 2003 they were saying Al Qaida and Saddam were best friends (which was totally stupid) and they were saying Saddam had WMDs, these were just pretexts to get support for the war.
  18. Yes. Make illogical statements then when asked for evidence respond "fuck you" /me bows You must be seriously deluded to think American doesn't go to war for it's own interests whether that's natural resources or not. That's what war is all about.
  19. Im glad Man Utd drew, I wish they lost, It's going to make the midweek game against Arsenal much more exciting. Both teams can't lose or draw, both need a win.
  20. I rate Moyes as a manager a lot but I don't understand the reasoning of buying a £37 million number 10 then playing him on the right? Mata has to play behind the striker in a free role either behind Rooney or Van Persie. Central Midfield is still their problem though, they need to put 2 out of the following Fletcher/Fellaini/Carrick as a deep defensive midfielder. Man City are destroying teams atm, they'll probably win the league and maybe the Champions League.
  21. I would look into investment banking again, a lot of it is getting automated and it isn't as easy as people think with long hours and most people struggle in it. That said I did Economics at Uni and right now I work in an accounts/finance department. My degree doesn't help with anything related to work life although it did make me more aware in economics and politics. To think of it, the only thing that I studied that's actually relevant to what I do was probably my IT A level. My best advice for you is to get experience in your field (which is easier said than done). Without experience you're basically fucked after Uni.
  22. I've never seen players being able to survive like that. That would be annoying especially in a DM or LTS or mission. As for the money, I still have mine but I can't share any of it, even when I do a survival, I can't share that $20,000 with another player. I wonder if it's like that for everyone. Seems like R* implementing capital controls.