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  1. If you smoke pot or weed you're an idiot you have no life. That's it you're a no life scumbag
  2. My PSN name is the same as on here PSN: rmb11rb Hey bones I can't add you on PSN cause you have too many friends
  3. IS there anyone that could mod GTA 4 ps3 for me and some friends
  4. I will later today and can I suggest the weather,weapon type, and stuff if so I suggest weather clear daytime weapons all
  5. I am not a grasshopper im a crockroach Do I need your psn so I know who you are when /if you add me
  6. I think they should just create their own city and not base it off of real citys
  7. Why have exact settings for game. And just put tdms and dms so ppl know your not just playing 1 game or something.
  8. Getting sleeping dogs soon!!!!

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    2. Brian


      In all seriousness, that game looks really bad.

    3. rmb11rb


      How ? I played the demo and it was pretty good?

    4. Bronson


      The game isnt that bad. i just enjoyed the hand to hand combbat tho.... Everything else needed some work. i would say rent it, dont buy it

  9. Gta iv ps3 Schedule (could change) tdms and dms ,races,foot race,demo derby, Mow town, busted. If you don't know what the last two gamemodes are ill explain later . Time unknown wait for me to make a topic . Interested? If so tell me
  10. I'll post the topic 2morrow around 1 est since its pretty late. Btw I have hosted events on another site so i hope it goes well. Is anyone interested in a gta iv event on ps3?
  11. Am I allowed to have events tht may last for 2 hours and the event be in a week from now? with lots of ppl (maybe) if ppl show up