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    I think the topic sums it up. You can explore anywhere you want from the opening of the game. If you were inclined to take a trip and see any particular thing what would it be? Personally I am grabbing some wheels and heading straight for Mt. Chiliad. I wanna drive to the top of it, and then of course drive the car off the edge to my death. That is assuming there is not a readily available parachute up there.
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    The picture that really blew my proverbial skirt up is the shark. I guess I won't be making epic 60 minute swims around the map like I did in San Andreas!! Rockstar truly make the greatest game I have ever played each time out. I don't know how they top themselves. Clearly they are driven by a love of these games the way we love them.
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    Ever since playing Red Dead Redemption I have thought it would be incredible to be able to have some similar rope mechanics in GTA. Maybe not hogtie exactly, but tie a knot around someone's ankle and tie the other end to the back of your car. That would be incredible. It would surely be a fun way to dispose of prostitutes and the homeless. I would also love to be able to kidnap someone and stuff them in the back of the car a la Sleeping Dogs, but that may be a separate topic. Lets stick to the discussion of rope. I see you rappel down the sides of buildings for missions, so it might not be so far fetched.
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    id like to see the new and maybe improved grove st.
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    What's up? I am King Diamond and I love chocolate milk.
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    i would be satisfied if the peds went into stores more. like instead of an endless looping walk cycle, have them go into places more. even if the stores are just nonfunctional. that would require more stores though
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    What a waste of a first post, it almost made me break down in tears. But to answer your question: No. That guy is Michael, one of the three protagonists to be in GTA V. he was talking about the guy getting out the back on the right. the guy with the buzzcut Q. Do you start with a place, or with the qualities and themes you want to address? A (Dan Houser). The longest part of the process of making one of these games is making the world. If this wasn’t the right way to do it, which I think it probably is, anyway, just from a pure production standpoint you have to start building the world as soon as possible. We start with the place, and then the characters come out from the place.
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    If there was 3 old guys then people would complain there is no young guy. Franklin is there for those people who want to play as a youngish character. Personally I already hate the look of Trevor, just seems like the typical 'asshole' so I am hoping he is the antagonist.
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    That's what I was thinking as well. Plus maybe own collectibles. Would give us three sets of pigeons or whatever to find. If it's like IV that'll be around 600 collectibles. Ain't nobody got time for that.
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    I like that idea. I wouldn't care who played the character as long as it is a excellent game and satisfies the fans. One thing I do want is the ability to play as an police officer in a uniform responding to calls and able to call for back up without other cops shooting at you, i believe this is an option that needs to be improved.