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  1. I hope something soon. They need to come with it. I hope it takes place in our time not 80's or 90's, not feeling that. I'm also looking for more customization and more police missions with an actual uniform and the ability to call for backup without other cops shooting at you.
  2. Say bro I liked all your ideas. Bringing the side missions back, on the police mission I would have added to play as an actual police officer with a uniform responding to call and calling for back up with out getting shot by other officers. Go back to their roots, but X 10. Does anyone know how to mod gta 4 and could tell me step by step what to do? What kind of computer can I purchase for it to play excellent at $500 and under? The computer I have is not for gaming. HP PAVILION SLIMLINE is what I have. Thanks.
  3. Why don't ya'll all just get married. LOL!!!!!! I'M A NEWBIE!!!! mARNEY-1 are you old enough to drink whiskey?
  4. I want the side missions back. Taxi driver, ambulance driver, fireman, policeman etc... I want to be able to respond to calls and not be shot at by other officers and call for back up. I want to be able to have the option of adding to my vehicle or changing my vehicles look including police cars, realistic looking ones. I want stores opened to purchase more clothing, change my look. Things I could not understand!! Why the civilians around had better clothes than I? In GTA:BOGT you could not go in to the clothing stores, but they were there. Why does the fire truck not respond to fires, even when you call? Rockstar I hope you are reading and listening?
  5. I like that idea. I wouldn't care who played the character as long as it is a excellent game and satisfies the fans. One thing I do want is the ability to play as an police officer in a uniform responding to calls and able to call for back up without other cops shooting at you, i believe this is an option that needs to be improved.
  6. I believe this episode will no doubt be great. I believe it will take place in a realistic city and will look incredible, possibly even better than GTA 4. Rockstar is working hard at making this episode a mind blowing game, the BIG ONE . Rockstar is pushing it to the limit to give the fans who purchase their products what they have been asking for. So in my opinion it will, how you say it " Be off the chain!!!"