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    Hello, people of Psy's boards! I just stumbled home from work and realised all the bars were closed and I had missed my friend's 25th birthday party, and so I went on Facebook to apologise - and for some reason his profile picture was of a can of mello yello. So, unable to sleep because my veins are pumping with 200ccs of hospital coffee (and believe me, the NHS budget does not stretch beyond instant) I googled my screen name and this site came up. I trawled a little and there was so much stuff: emails between me and Jack Thompson, Teamo Extr-EMO, the spamm teem, Bridge the Gap, our interminable war with GTAGaming.com. I remembered the days when FML stood for favourite member league, and when I looked forward to Kicking It With My Homies more than anything on TV. So let me ask you fucks: do you have any artefacts from back in the day? Specifically, I was hoping to find: That Picture of Zidane from GTAGaming My old sig (not this mutilated version) And the Christmas version! Any vintage editions of Kicking It With My Homies Anything from the Spamm Teem or the Sylums era Or basically anything that could be regarded as a treasure of the GTA-SanAndreas.com era.
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    Most of us already know about that, but maybe will be useful for somebody ). I already knew all the info over there, but i have read again.
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    If they are american they are not british, if you where born here u are british. I dont see R* getting someone who sounds american to play a british guy. However if what u mean is that he lived in america, then moved to rainy and cold old england and is now moving back, that could make sense but its kind of reaching for information, seeing something and making a lot of assumptions.
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    Wow I forgot what it feels like to get information from an actual source. Well done brother. Extremely excited by the 'very big map' quote.
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    That should cut down on the noob posts a little. Shame it took an actual response from Dan Houser to do it, when the announcement said the exact same thing and people didn't pay attention. Still, you've done a great service to the forums, assuming it actually does lessen the noob posts somewhat.
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    How does he sound Hispanic at all? He sounds so fucking white.
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    Oh hey. Sorry, I tested the rep thing and forgot to post about it. Sorry for any offence caused (I'm literally not sorry). And yeah, I would probably get a lot of pussy, if I had like 2 hours a week off to pursue it '_'