Monkey Mosaics (New-Gen Returning Players)

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Monkey Mosaics are available to players who have previously played the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 versions of GTA V (connection to Social Club required to prove that). The mosaic collectibles are actually available after Franklin and Lamar but Lamar won't text Franklin until sometime after Repossession about a street artist putting monkey mosaics all over the place. You need to find and photograph all 50 mosaics scattered around the map but mostly in the urban Los Santos area. Below is a general map of the locations.

To collect them, simply find the mosaics and get close enough to take a picture with your phone's camera. If successful you will only be prompted to continue (not save or delete). Do so and the game will show your progress. You can also check it under Stats > General. The pictures will not save to your gallery. Although Franklin begins this side objective, any protagonist can take part including the random event at the end (see bottom).

Monkey Mosaic Map
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Blaine County

1. Paleto Bay, back of the building next to Beeker's Garage. (pic)
2. Paleto Bay, back of the Herr Kutz Barber shop. (pic)
3. Grapeseed, back of the building across from the gas station. (pic)
4. Grapeseed, back of the grocery store. (pic)
5. North Chumash, base of southeast arch for the Raton Canyon Bridge. (pic)
6. Humane Labs and Research, northwest column of entrance gate. (pic)
7. Grand Senora Desert, inside a wall of the northern area at the scrapyard under a small square water tower. (pic)
8. Sandy Shores, back of building next to O'Sheas Barbers Shop. (pic)
9. Sandy Shores, west end of the old motel on the second floor, south corner room. (pic)
10. Grand Senora Desert, in office of destroyed auto shop. Find the right spot in front of the doorway. (pic)
11. Grand Senora Desert, back of the fuel depot building where Trevor meets the Civilian Border Patrol. (pic)
12. Harmony, back of the Animal Ark strip mall on the western leg. (pic)
13. Great Chaparral, back of the shops towards the northeast end. (pic)

Los Santos

14. Vinewood Hills, roof level of Galileo Observatory between the center and eastern domes. (pic)
15. Tataviam Mountains, northwest corner of the gas station shop in the service area. (pic)
16. Downtown Vinewood, back of the Vinewood Plaza Hotel on the lower roof. Use the ladder in the loading dock. (pic)
17. Downtown Vinewood, east side of the strip mall near where Franklin and Lamar meet D from Ballas. (pic)
18. Downtown Vinewood, east side of Bishop's WTF?! roof. Can get it from the ground by standing on top of a car. (pic)
19. West Vinewood, top-right of the Hardcore Comic Store doors. Talk to Impotent Rage while you're there. (pic)
20. Rockford Hills, northeast corner wall of the Cottage Park maintenance area. (pic)
21. Richmen, inside the northwest leg of a school building east of the field, just above the steps under a window. (pic)
22. Burton, west side of brick building's roof next to Cherry Poppers. Ladder to roof in rear alley corner. (pic)
23. Rockford Hills, south end of the eastern bench around the fountain under the golf course. (pic)
24. Morningwood, west side of the Woody's roof sign across from Ammu-Nation. Can get it from the ground. (pic)
25. Del Perro, top of subway station entrance directly west of movie studio. (pic)
26. Pacific Bluffs, northwest side of small building behind the church in the cemetery. Look low behind the bushes.(pic)
27. Pacific Bluffs, stairs to pedestrian overpass, top of the main straight section going along the hill. (pic)
28. Mirror Park, southeast corner of bathroom building. (pic)
29. La Mesa, top-right of a box car door, south car in a set under the highway. (pic)
30. Vinewood, just under Alta in a pocket along the freeway under the Elgin Avenue bridge. (pic)
31. Pillbox Hill, in a planter inset on the northwest corner of the Maze Bank Building, under the upper roadway. (pic)
32. Rockford Hills, on a wall along the Del Perro Freeway behind the Rockford Dorset Hotel. (pic)
33. Vespucci Canals, north side of the quarter pipe in the skate park on the edge of Little Seoul. (pic)
34. Del Perro, northeast corner of Al Dente's at the corner of Sandcastle Way and Magellan Avenue. (pic)
35. Del Perro Beach, at the very end (lower level) of the pier on the foot of the southern-most bench. (pic)
36. Murrieta Heights, support column of retaining wall left of "45 loco" graffiti, southeast of freeway intersection.(pic)
37. Rancho, roof of the Beacon Theatre. Use a ladder in the east side alleyway inset and look left at the top.(pic)
38. Strawberry, all the way at the end of the alley between the Olympic Freeway and off-ramp. Actually a painting.(pic)
39. Strawberry, opposite side of the wall as #38 under the freeway. You need to get up on the garbage pile a little. (pic)
40. La Puerta, base of the Maze Bank Arena sign behind the bushes. (pic)
41. La Puerta, behind some bushes off the Puerto Del Sol Marina parking lot. (pic)
42. Vespucci Beach, at the racquetball courts just inside court #3 facing west. (pic)
43. El Burro Heights, at the car scrapyard on the side of the steps of the eastern building. (pic)
44. Cypress Flats, top of the Pisswasser building on the north side of the southwest stairwell bulkhead. (pic)
45. Rancho, end of a small wall along a loading dock alley. Next to the stash spot from the Jewel Store Job. (pic)
46. Elysian Island, east end of the small island near Banning, south of the Maze Bank Arena. (pic)
47. LS Intl. Airport, behind LS Customs on the end of a shipping container under a dredging bucket. (pic)
48. LS Intl. Airport, back of the first building near the south runway gate, northeast corner. (pic)
49. Elysian Island, pier next to Merryweather's, on the south side of the large building. (pic)
50. Terminal, southeast corner of the Alpha Mail building in the southeast corner of the port. (pic)

Random Event and Rewards

After finding all 50 monkey mosaics you will get a notification that monkey outfits are now available in Trevor's wardrobe. But this is not the end of it. Here's how to find and complete the random event:
  • Make sure at least one protagonist owns a vehicle storage garage.
  • Using that protagonist, get near the LS Customs in Burton and look for a blip to appear in the parking area above LSC also used in the Epsilon mission string.
  • Approach using the alley from the west end. Slowly drive up to the yellow striped area. You should see the artist preparing another mosaic on the loading dock ahead.
  • When you are close enough, the artist will squat down to start. Pull up your phone and take a picture of him. Either save it or leave the preview up. It does not need to be a good picture. You do not even need to zoom in.
  • A second or two after that the artist will get up and notice you. He will then run away. Let him go. If you kill him when he is running you will not complete the event.
  • If you still have the preview of your snapmatic up, either delete it or save it. Doesn't matter.
  • Now leave the area or wait for the artist to disappear.

A short time later you will get a text from the Space Monkey team confirming that you found all of the mosaics and the marketing intern. For your effort all protagonists will now have a Go Go Monkey Blista in their storage garages (any protags without a garage will also get it after purchase). If you miss getting the intern in the act or even if you kill him at some point, the random event will reappear an in-game hour or so later until completed.


  • You need to be close or zoomed in far enough to make the shot of the mosaic count.
  • There needs to be little or no obstacles blocking part of the mosaic including bushes. The whole mosaic needs to be in frame as well.
  • The mosaic does not need to be centered. If the mosaic fills the picture enough it will be somewhat in the middle anyway.
  • You do not need to be perfectly in front of the mosaic. Being on an angle is fine and required for a couple in tight places.
  • Time of day, lighting, etc does not matter.
  • Some of the higher mosaics on roofs or walls may require standing on a vehicle to get close enough without climbing up there. Remember no obstacles can be blocking parts of the mosaic so for some you will need to find access to higher ground.

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  • pizza (Guest) July 25, 2016
    got them all, thanks
  • Harley Quinn (Guest) May 14, 2016
    #1 is wrong as well. THat building is the Pop's Pills building next to Beekers Garage.
  • TreeFitty (Guest) April 15, 2015
    Corrected. I had the wrong Al Dente's.
  • dataguy7 (Guest) April 15, 2015
    #34 is wrong. It is located at the Al Dentes at Sandcastle and Megellan.
  • TreeFitty (Guest) January 11, 2015
    There is conflicting information about the random event on different websites. I went through the trouble of narrowing down exactly what to do and what happens (at least for the PS4 version, I assume Xbox One and PC are the same).
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