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You need to spend money to make money. When you find yourself with cash to burn but don't have the guts to throw it away in the stock market, hand it over to a complete stranger in exchange for their struggling business venture or provide yourself with more storage space for your illegally obtained vehicles. Various properties are available across Los Santos and Blaine County from small bars in the middle of nowhere to prestigious amenities of the wealthy. Someone is crazy enough to buy into these places for absurd amounts of cash and you'll be damned if it's some real estate mogul.

Below are simple tables of these properties along with information such as price and income. Note that some properties are exclusive to a certain protagonist. Others are open to all three and you can decide who gets what. Properties become available after completing the mission Nervous Ron. There are 25 purchasable properties in total (note only 5 are needed for 100%) including the multi-character storage properties. Trevor has two additional properties gifted to him - or stolen, we should say.

Business Properties

The following properties provide income to the protagonists. Some - whose manager contacts you after purchase - will bother you occasionally with requests for assistance. A "P" on your radar is for these property management missions. The locations are noted below with â“… in the notes.

Car ScrapyardEl Burro Heights, LSAny$275,000$150/car
Cinema DopplerDowntown Vinewood, LSMichael$10 mil$132,200/weekâ“…
Downtown Cab Co.East Vinewood, LSFranklin$200,000$2,000/weekFree taxi rides. â“…
HookiesNorth Chumash, LSFranklin, Michael$600,000$4,700/weekâ“…
LS CustomsGrand Senora Desert, BCFranklin$349,000$1,600/weekFree customization at this shop
LS Golf ClubGWC and Golfing Society, LSAny$150 mil$264,500/weekFree games of golf
LSPD Auto Impound LotDavis, LSFranklin$150,000Up to $500/carUnlocked after completing Tonya. Given Tow Truck.
McKenzie Field HangarGrapeseed, BCTrevor$150,000$5,000/ground, $7,000+/air missionUnlocks Arms Trafficking missions via Dune Buggy or Cuban 800.
PitchersDowntown Vinewood, LSAny$750,000$7,100/weekâ“…
Smoke on the WaterVespucci, LSFranklin$204,000$9,300/weekâ“…
Sonar Collections DockPaleto Cove, BCAny$250,000$23,000/nuclear wasteUnlocks Abigail. Sub (waste) and Dinghy (sub parts) available.
Ten Cent TheaterTextile City, LSMichael$20 mil$264,000/weekâ“…
Tequi-la-laWest Vinewood, LSAny$2 mil$16,500/weekUnlocked after completing Vinewood Souvenirs - Willie. â“…
The Hen HousePaleto Bay, BCAny$80,000$920/weekâ“…
Tivoli CinemaMorningwood, LSMichael$30 mil$142,300/weekâ“…
Vanilla UnicornStrawberry, LSTrevorFree$5,000/weekObtained during Hang Ten. Trevor gets free service. All protags can touch strippers.

Storage Properties

The following properties provide storage for vehicles. Note that military vehicles bought from Warstock Cache & Carry are stored at the aircraft hangers in LS Airport and Sandy Shores.

Grove Street GarageDavis, LSFranklin$30,000/FreeFree with CE or after linking to Social Club. Stores 4 vehicles.
LS International HangarLSIA, LSFranklin, Michael$1,378,600Protags have separate hangars. Stores airplanes and military vehicles.
Pillbox Hill GaragePillbox Hill, LSTrevor$30,000/FreeFree with CE or after linking to Social Club. Stores 4 vehicles.
Puerto Del Sol MarinaVespucci, LSAny$75,000Protags have separate slips. Stores boats.
Sandy Shores AirfieldSandy Shores, BCTrevorFreeObtained during Nervous Ron. Stores airplanes, helicopters, and military vehicles.
Vespucci Helipad Vespucci, LSFranklin, Michael$419,850Protags have separate pads. Stores helicopters.
Vinewood GarageWest Vinewood, LSMichael$30,000/FreeFree with CE or after linking to Social Club. Stores 4 vehicles.

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  • Jericho (Guest) October 01, 2015
    I just figured this out the hard way, and i figured that it should be known here as well - when aiming for the 100% percent completion, any storage related properties DO NOT COUNT!!!
    hangers, docks, and garages.

    just a little (albeit extremely late) FYI
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