Epsilon Program

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The infamous Epsilon cult has been recruiting members for decades. The organization is led by Cris Formage who has managed to recruit mindless celebrities as well as mindless citizens.

Protagonists: Michael
Rewards: Up to $2,059,500

To unlock this mission string you need to go to the in-game website www.epsilonprogram.com as Michael and go to "Evaluate Your Identity". Take the survey and get your results. No matter the outcome, the website says to go to the pass (river valley) pictured in their brochures and look for a red truck. Then raise your left hand and recite a phrase. A new "?" icon will appear on your map in Raton Canyon in western Blaine County. Go there to begin the missions.

Seeking the Truth

When you approach the red truck Michael takes note. He walks up to the front, raises his left hand, and recites the required quote from a small Epsilon Booklet: "Take me to my father-father brother-uncle, Kifflom". He looks around and two men in blue shirts approach from behind. They mention peace but kick and punch Michael into unconsciousness. The men start to pick him up as the screen goes black. Later a black truck is moving around the large satellite antennas in the desert. A booming voice is heard saying some weird things about knowledge and to come to Vinewood for the real truth - but first they need $500. Michael is dumped off wearing only his underwear and a shirt.

After the mission completes an email will be received from a woman named Marnie. She says to visit their website and donate $500. You need to do this to unlock the next mission.


  • Nothing to do here. Just watch the cutscene.
  • You may lose your weapons from this mission. If it happens just load a previous save.


  • None

Accepting the Truth

Nearly a day after completing the previous mission and donating the $500, the next mission marker appears in Vinewood (you'll notice the Epsilon logo icon). Walk into the green door of the old jewelry building. Michael enters a small warehouse filled with boxes that have Epsilon Program images, "Made in China", and a familiar fish logo stamped on them. A woman - Marnie (from GTA IV) - enters from behind Michael and tells him the journey has only begun. She rants about how she used to be a drug addict until she discovered the incredible truth. Michael finds out that he is ready - by not being ready - and Marnie says they will email him tools to unlock the secrets of existence for a small cost of $5000. Michael questions to amount as a man walks in. He says the tools are worth every penny he owns and Marnie agrees. The man says they are offering millions of dollars worth of research by the best thinkers in the world. It's worth it. The two leave Michael alone in the building.

After the mission completes another email will be received from Marnie saying to visit their website and donate $5000. You need to do this to unlock the next mission.


  • Nothing to do here. Just watch the cutscene.


  • None

Assuming the Truth

Nearly a day after completing the previous mission and donating the $500, the next mission marker appears in Grapeseed. Michael finds Marnie meditating in the field. She says his real name is Zolag. He was a king in a cloud city until evil forces removed him. He is trapped here but will soon be free. Marnie is now Shupar, Queen of the Winds. Michael attempts to question the whole reincarnation belief but Marnie rambles on about traveling to 47,000 places at the same time. Michael starts to leave but Marnie says to become a higher being you need to help higher people. Some of their distinguished members require cars. Marnie asks Michael to help get them. An email will be sent with the requirements. Michael is finally able to walk away as Marnie goes back to her meditation.

Leave the area. Just as you reach the edge of the property Michael receives an email from Marnie containing five vehicles he needs to obtain with pictures. There are no locations or search areas given and any vehicle of the type requested will work but if you have difficulty you can actually find them parked in the spots pictured (color varies). You are on your own to find and deliver them to a house in the Vinewood Hills marked with the Epsilon logo after entering the correct vehicles. Park each vehicle in the garage and exit. The vehicles need to be in good condition.

  • Pegassi Vacca - Vinewood Hills, 3659 Whispymound Drive, almost under Franklin's house
  • Benefactor Surano - Vinewood Hills, Lake Vinewood Estates, parking lot on east side of loop
  • Declasse Tornado - Hawick, Domestic-Japanese-European repair shop
  • Enus Super Diamond - Rockford Hills, parked behind Leopolds
  • Dinka Double-T - Vinewood Hills, 2115 North Sheldon Ave, north of the golf course


  • Not much to do aside from obtaining the vehicles. Map above should take you right to them.


  • None

Chasing the Truth

Shortly after delivering all the vehicles Marnie will send yet another email. She says Cris and the senior thesis holders are pleased with the vehicles. Michael is on his way to enlightenment but his journey has only begun. A mission marker reappears in Grapeseed. Michael finds Marnie and a man using a strange handheld device next to a bush. They ramble on about technology too advanced for humans and how the man needs to sign up for an advanced study program to have a better understanding of his absolute understanding. Marnie greets Zondar - Michael's new name - and introduces him to actor and philosopher Jimmy Boston. Michael is nothing but Jimmy is on an accelerated path and allowed to hunt for aliens using the handheld device. Michael is given the device and told he can now meet his people. Marnie and Jimmy begin to walk off.

Back in control of Michael, you are shown how to use the alien artifact detector. Jimmy stops and also gives Michael help on how to operate it. Aim with the detector to bring it up and then turn until the screen becomes blue. You are now facing towards the alien artifact. Walk forward and keep the screen blue. As you get closer to the artifact, bars will build up from the bottom of the screen. Jimmy follows you. Make your way towards the small house to the west. The meter maxes out at an old TV lying in the dirt. Jimmy hollers to Marnie if that's it but Marnie talks about doubt preventing the universe from revealing its secrets. Jimmy walks away and Marnie joins Michael.

Pull up the detector and try again. You'll walk north on an unmarked path along the creek and find a small box on the ground next to some rocks and trees. Once again Michael has doubt and Marnie says they must keep searching. Pull up the detector and go for a third try. You'll end up on the other side of the dry creek and come across a boot lying on the ground next to tree stumps near a pale blue truck. Michael tells Marnie he is 110% sure this is it. Marnie praises him and says he knows how much it costs - not another $5000 but $10,000 this time. Marnie and Jimmy drive off in the truck.

After the mission completes another email will be received from Marnie saying to visit their website and donate $10,000. You need to do this to unlock the next mission.


  • You cannot use the detector at all for all three possible artifacts. While moving towards the object without using the detector, you can still hear the noise changing as you get closer. If you run to the object Marnie and Jimmy will tell you to slow down but you will not fail the mission for doing so.


  • Use the Force - Find the alien artifact without the detector.

Bearing the Truth

Nearly a day after completing the previous mission and donating the $10,000, the next mission marker appears on the east end of Vinewood. Go there and find Marnie in an alleyway writing on a wall while chanting. She tells Michael it is today and the tract can be written. Michael tries once again to pry her away from the mindless things in her head but with no luck. She tells him to wear pale blue clothing from the Epsilon website for ten days. Michael questions it but Marnie walks away. Right after the mission ends you will receive an email from Marnie about purchasing a robe and wearing it for ten days. Go to the website, scroll down, click the large robe image, and then buy it. The robe costs $25,000. You'll get a confirmation email after purchase saying your robe will be delivered in the next 24 hours (it comes in at 24 hours with an email confirmation). They know where you live.

Once the robe is delivered you must wear it for 10 consecutive in-game days. It can be found under Outfits > Epsilon Robes. After each day a notification will pop up above your radar telling you how many days have passed while wearing the robe. Have fun.

Once you have completed the 10 days Cris himself will send a text message to Michael saying they have been following his progress and he will be summoned. Not too long after Cris's message Jimmy Boston will also send a text message telling Michael they need his help retrieving a sacred vessel. He needs to head out towards the military base and meet another Epsilon member along the coast. Note: Both text messages may not appear at the top of the message list. You may need to scroll down to find them if you wish to read them.


  • Not much to do here. Watch the cutscene, buy the robe, and wear it for 10 days.
  • Michael sleeps for 6 hours at a time, Franklin sleeps for 8, and Trevor sleeps for 12. The lesson here is to SWITCH to Trevor for the save/cancel way of advancing time and then SWITCH back. The notification will not display when using other characters so note the day and time you start. Nothing wrong with going over.
  • If you SWITCH around the characters or do certain missions Michael may end up not wearing the robe. Change back into it as quickly as possible. If you go too long without the outfit the counter will reset to 0.


  • None

Delivering the Truth

At the marker outside Fort Zancudo you'll find a small pale blue airplane. You are told to meet Tom who is the man from the small warehouse. He is walking around the bushes using the alien artifact detector. Tom tells Michael in a sort of cryptic way to take the plane to Jimmy Boston who is in the east. Michael accepts. Get in the plane and fly to the airfield. After takeoff Michael calls Jimmy Boston and tries to get a better location of where he's going. Jimmy initially refuses to give more details but Michael convinces him to spill it. Jimmy is at the Sandy Shores airfield.

Land the plane there and stop near the buildings without getting too close. Go over to Jimmy Boston who is near a pale blue car. He asks Michael if he has the money and the plane to which Michael replies simply "Kifflom". Jimmy talks about how Michael is almost there, the chicks, and how he and Cris watch porn together naked - just to prove they don't get turned on. Jimmy starts to walk away but informs Michael that there is a tree of truth if Michael is ready. Of course a map to it will cost some serious money. Someone will mail Michael. Jimmy takes the plane and flies off. You can have his rare car if you want it.


  • You don't actually need to speak with Tom. Just get in the plane.
  • There isn't much of a runway to take off from so hold the stick back while accelerating and get airborne as soon as possible.
  • The first bridge with the highway is the best for flying under (need to loop around) and the second bridge leading to the fort entrance is next. For the second one you'll want to get to the south side of the river to line up the gaps better by being perpendicular to the road.
  • Landing the plane shouldn't be much of an issue. Slow your speed, lower the landing gear, and bring the plane down slowly. You should have much more runway than you need for this small plane.


  • Touchdown - Land the Velum without damaging it.
  • Zondar the Bridge - Fly under a bridge along Lago Zancudo.

Exercising the Truth

Nearly a day after completing the previous mission the next mission marker appears in the Grand Senora Desert west of the airfield. Michael walks up to a trailer as Marnie exits. She tells him he has discovered great things. Jimmy Boston and Tom come around the trailer and gather around Michael. They raise his hand and Jimmy presents Michael with a medal saying Cris is very happy with him. The booming voice is heard once again from speakers on a pole confirming that Zondar has achieved great things but he needs to achieve more to survive the apocalypse. This is the voice of Cris. Tom tells Michael that his antithesis is almost quelled. He just needs to bring Cris a donation at the Epsilon Center in Vinewood - but first Michael needs to walk five miles through the desert wearing his medal. The three Epsilon members walk away and drive off in the pale blue truck.

You now need to walk five consecutive miles in the "Epsilonism pilgrimage zone" while wearing the robes. A notification above your radar will count every tenth of a mile and Michael will say "Kifflom!" a few times. Have fun.

After four miles or so Cris calls Michael. He says he fought many mythical beasts in this desert in his previous lives. Michael is close to quelling his antithesis and Cris is watching him closely. Shortly after completing all five miles Cris calls back. Cris says Michael's journey has only begun. Michael is ready - to make another investment in himself. Michael needs to bring a donation to the Epsilon Center in Vinewood where Cris will personally receive Michael... and the donation of course.


  • The zone to wander around is quite big. It's pretty much the Grand Senora Desert and some of the small surrounding communities. If you leave the zone for too long the counter will reset to 0.
  • Running five miles is tedious but shouldn't take more than a half hour to complete. Try running along major roads to keep it somewhat interesting. You can even make a large loop around the desert area which should cover all five miles.
  • Rockstar has pretty much covered ways to cheat the walking in the game. Even taking the train will only count the distance you go on the train itself and not the distance you cover over the land while hitching a ride.
  • Of course you can still rig your controller to move Michael in circles constantly and maybe even get something to hold the jog/run button.


  • None

Unknowing the Truth

At the Epsilon Center in West Vinewood (almost next door to Michael's house) Michael enters the property as Cris exits the building with another Epsilon member carrying a bag. Cris greets Michael and is glad he understands everything. Michael says he doesn't know anything but Cris says that's means he knows everything. They are writing the tract together. Cris asks Michael for the cash donation which is handed off to the other guy moving bags into a pale blue car. Cris says he spoke with Carpa Tom who said they should take apocalypse funds to the Cayman Islands which is what the other members are packing in the car. Then Michael and Cris will write the tract together. Cris asks if Michael has reached his Paradigm and is ready to write the tract to which Michael responds simply "Kifflom" for both. He tells Michael to deliver the car full of cash to his helicopter. Kraff is very impressed with Michael's progress. Michael is put in the driver seat of the car and Cris walks away.

There are two ways to play out this mission. You can either do what the game says and get screwed or take advantage of the cult and get your money back.


In control of Michael, follow the other vehicle driven by Epsilon's security. A car with more security will fall in behind you. They stay in contact with Michael Zondar and the arriving helicopter pilot Zilldor. Michael asks how much money he's carrying but security says any amount is insignificant compared to absolute understanding. The helicopter lands in a parking lot a few blocks east of the Epsilon Center. A third car with security is on the street next to the entrance. Park the car in the drop off point next to the helicopter and exit. One of the men that gets off the chopper says the money needs to be offshore in two earth hours. He then tells Michael to follow him. Do so. He says Cris and Kram love Michael. They have a present for him. Walk down the stairs and Michael is presented with a rusty tractor. The Epsilon member praises it and then runs off. The helicopter flies off. The mission is now over.

Marnie sends Michael a text message saying he is ready to write the tract which has already been written. The message ends with "WE WORSHIP KRAFF WHERE THE EARTH REACHES OUT TO THE 9Th PARADIGM". Go to Mount Chiliad for a continuation of the Epsilon mission string.

F@#k you!

If you want to take the money, there are basically four ways to do so:
  • You can start killing Epsilon security as soon as you are in control of Michael. There is the SUV with two and the car outside the gate with two plus one security guard at each end of the driveway. A third vehicle with two will drive to the Center from the drop off point. The Epsilon helicopter will also fly right over you and shoot down. Note you will also attract police attention but they'll go after the security guards too. You can take cover in the entrance to the building and hide out the police attention while they take care of the remaining security (as long as the cops don't enter the property and see you). Taking down the helicopter will give you a 3 star wanted level. You need to escape the attention.
  • If you start killing security while en route to the drop off you are much more exposed. You can take out the SUV but the car behind you pulls right up next to Michael and can kill him easily. You'll also need to contend with the cops driving around plus the chopper right over you shooting down constantly. For this option you should find a parking garage or somewhere with overhead cover to avoid the chopper. Sticky bombs are good for taking out the security vehicles on the road. Once again you need to escape the police.
  • You can also escape the convoy going to the drop off at some point. Drive to a safer location and take out security and the helicopter however you can. Then lose the cops if needed. Note it is possible that not all of the security guards or the chopper may come after you.
  • Fourth option is to start killing security at the drop off site. This is the best option since the helicopter is on the ground (but will take off) and security is spread out. In addition to the vehicles you'll also have two security guards standing around. Tossing a sticky bomb on the chopper is a good way to start. Another on the SUV is good too. Kill the security guards in front of you. Once the chopper is away from your car you can blow it (be careful since the flaming chopper can fall on your car). Now you just need to clean house with the rest of security and evade the police. Moving down the stairway is a good place to take cover. You can move up to kill the security guards and move back down to avoid bullets. If you didn't get the chopper it will hover overhead and you just need to move down to the lower lot where LS customs is to take it down.

However you manage to get away, once the heat is lost get back in the car if needed. You'll be awarded $2,100,000 and the mission will end. Right after Cris will call Michael. He says Michael is a traitor and his enlightenment is revoked. Michael calls the cash his refund. Cris says he is powerful in Vinewood and will destroy Michael. Eventually Marnie sends a text message saying his actions are unforgivable but Kraff is not without mercy. The message ends with "WE WORSHIP KRAFF WHERE THE EARTH REACHES OUT TO THE 9Th PARADIGM". Go to Mount Chiliad for a continuation of the Epsilon mission string.


  • The two places to kill "all" of security are at the Epsilon Center and at the drop off point. If you don't care for that objective you can take the money using other methods.
  • Try not to leave your car abandoned. One of the security guards can drive off with it.


  • Cult Intervention - Kill all Epsilon security.
  • Show me the Money - Steal the epsilon money and escape.

The Tract

After completion of the previous mission, take note of Marnie's message. Ten Tracts can be found around the map. After each one is found Marnie will give a hint to the next. Unfortunately they aren't really grouped and you'll be going from one end of the map to the other for each.

Epsilon Tract 1

Mount Chiliad

Top of Mount Chiliad, on the observation deck above the cable car station

Epsilon Tract 2

Palomino Highlands
"Where the first of the fleet succumbed to the waves, there the message is seeded."

Underwater in Palomino Highlands cove, north side of Paddle steamer wreck (SCUBA gear not required)

Epsilon Tract 3

Paleto Bay
"When they sail from the North they will find this offering."

Northernmost island off Paleto Bay, on top of the hill on the big island

Epsilon Tract 4

Mount Chiliad
"In the core of the mountain, where the blast is not felt, there you shall find it."

Road tunnel under Mount Chiliad, in a maintenance doorway ("T02") slightly south of the middle

Epsilon Tract 5

Little Seoul
"In the rubble of the old religion, will be the basis for the new."

Big church in Little Seoul, in the grass to the right of the northeast entrance doors

Epsilon Tract 6

Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness
"Where the first fleet sailed, the new fleet will find its map."

Sonar Collections Dock in Paleto Cove, on the small lower dock at the end of the pier

Epsilon Tract 7

Vinewood Hills
"What dwelling is worthy of Kraff? He is humble yet we exalt him."

Mansion in Richman, rear of red house up the hill with a tower, lower stairway entrance next to garages

Epsilon Tract 8

Mount Chiliad
"We are not dinosaurs, nor plants, but a tree in the jet stream may hold Kraff's true word."

Top of Mount Chiliad again, next to the highest tree northwest of the observation deck

Epsilon Tract 9

"The tallest obelisk of glass and steel holds no comparison to the word of Kraff."

Top of Maze Bank Building in Downtown LS, middle of the helipad (need helicopter and/or parachute)

Epsilon Tract 10

Pacific Bluffs
"Where they discard their earthly prisons, there you may find the germ of a higher civilization."

Cemetery in Pacific Bluffs (outside Del Perro), on the island in the small pond next to a tomb

After collecting all ten tracts Marnie sends Michael a congratulatory email. The tract is complete and a special link is given to the tract on the Epsilon website where you can brush up on "The Epsilon Tract of the 9th Paradigm. Year 157." Have fun with that read.

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