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RDR2 Hands-On Previews

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And the Embargo has been lifted!


Grab some popcorn, read some previews:


English Language:


Game Informer




Games Radar










Video Gamer


Press Start


Games Reactor








Venture Beat


The Verge




Xbox Achievements




Other Languages (Translate):




Power Unlimited










Jeux Video,290842


Gry Online




More to come... Still adding!


New screenshots:

































Video Gamer TV




IGN Up At Noon


Easy Allies




Hop, Blip & Jump


Red Dead 2 RoadTrip

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i figured you were assembling this, so i held off on posting ?... overall, sounds about on par with where i was expecting them to take the single player experience... i didn't gather much new info to be honest, but it was nice to read them go into more detail about how the world works, and how it looked..




i like the clothing customization, being able to layer the items is a nice refreshing change, and one i hope carries over to online...


1st person confirmed...


i thought i read one article mention "stable of horses" meaning, we might be able to have multiple mounts at the same time, which could diminish the bond, but also be effective in getting us another nag who is properly trained on the go...


every person you see has dialog options and a schedule, that changes depending on the time of day, or your notoriety... should be fun lol...


horse balls do have shrinkage in colder temps lol... also, bundling up morgan in the colder parts of the map is important...


food, drink, weapon deterioration, bathing, and bringing back the san andreas style of skinny/fat has given this a bit more of an RPG survival element IMO...


someone mentioned a lot of guns require 2 button pushes to fire... one for the shot, and another to cock it back again, which slows the combat more into a wild west style shootout...




that's all i got so far that stood out to me...


also, i can't wait to hang out in this place after a long hard days work...



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I asked, and they told me that the testicles shrink and expand depending on the temperature in the game world. Details, details.


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Points I got out of the previews:


  • You can play in first-person mode
  • Clean your horse to increase it's stats
  • Horses don't last forever - take care of them, including a pat on the head
  • The interaction menu includes dogs
  • Can interact with everyone (a basic conversation at the least), some lead to side quests
  • Talk your way out of trouble - for small infractions, at least
  • Small decisions now can lead to more things later
  • "Deluxe wash" at inns...
  • Weapons need to be maintained to work properly
  • Animal skinning is not off camera
  • Honor/notoriety system returns
  • Cinematic camera can "auto-walk" you to a waypoint so you can enjoy the scenery
  • Map is constrained to the snowy mountains only for the first "section" so you can get used to everything
  • Killcam from Max Payne - watch your final enemy fall in glorious cinematic
  • Upgraded Dead-Eye can show weak points on enemies such as the heart or brain
  • Time will pass in the game including buildings under contruction
  • Tents can be "upgraded" to become fast-travel points
  • There is an in-game camera you can take selfies with
  • You can steal the trains and even blow the whistle
  • Pay off your own bounties at a post office
  • Grow out your hair and beard if you like - no magic haircuts at the barber
  • Clothing is completely customizable even rolling up sleeves - dressing for the weather is a good idea too
  • Arthur can gain/lose weight among other stats such as stamina
  • Horse testicals shrink or expand with temperature... yeah... (via Kotaku)



Also holy shit that's a lot of German sites.



edit: All screenshots in UHD:

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I am a bit worried as I haven’t seen anything about lassoing people. I use to love lassoing people and placing them on tracks or where animals could get them. I hope thats in the game.


Can’t wait to play as these hands on preview makes it sound great. Some things are really exciting. I like the realism I was playing kingdom come deliverance recently and I love how detailed in realism it was.  


I dont know if I like be stuck in a single area as I like to explore everything straight away. 

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^Previews (new and old) have mentioned the lasso. There's no way they wouldn't put that in the game. I assume the Dastardly trophy/achievement will return.


31 minutes ago, Qdeathstar said:

Wow... can’t wait to blow the horn and stroke my horse.

And get your balls washed.

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"You can shave down individual parts of Arthur’s face to various lengths, essentially creating totally custom beards. I didn’t know I needed totally custom beards in a game until I had one."


That's a cool little feature. I want a custom beard!

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I was thinking that, say you ask the barber for a handlebar moustache, then gradually let the rest grow back, then shave a bit more of that off. Multi-level beardage. Wondered if it would be that in depth.

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Yeah man the Twitter hype is big lol. OPM should be out today too for Subs i think.


Rockstar Intel said this...

"The scene in the gameplay trailer in which Dutch breaks you out of prison is NOT a mission, but instead can happen if you get arrested in free roam."

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