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Online Interiors Mega Thread (creator content) [PS4]

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As our list of interiors grow, I decided I want to separate them from the normal threads. And that includes bOnEs interior DM's and any other's i find in the threads. It makes it easier to find them if they're in one place, and i can cross them out if they suddenly do not work any more (Bahama Mama's for example). As i find more, i'll keep adding to the first post.
Feel free to delete duplicate jobs from the other thread, i plan on deleting my interior jobs from there.
Official Interiors - The interiors from Story mode, which R* intended for us to be in offline, which also exist online. And interiors that are accessible online.
Unofficial Interiors - The interiors that R* made not to be explored or which could be spaces for future DLC.
Misc Interiors - The interiors made for the character creation screen for example, or places that are under the map. And places that are just not in the game at all yet... (Comedy Club, Bahama Mama).
Bahama Mama's - The interiors that R* decided we don't deserve to see, and no longer work.
Each Creator Content's player count and creation type will be beside the interior name, followed by the credited creator.

Official Interiors
Hippy Alien Shed - 2 Player, DM - bOnEs
Floyd's Apt - 8 Player, DM - bOnEs
Franklin's Condo - 30 player, DM - bOnEs
Ammunation - 10 Player, DM - bOnEs
Michael's House - 10 Player, DM - bOnEs 
Humane Lab Survival - 16 Player, Capture - DuPz
Humane Lab - 16 player, DM - DuPz
Prison Watch Towers - 10 Player, DM - DuPz
Franklins' Aunt's House - 8 Player, DM - DuPz
Lester's House - 4 Player, DM - DuPz
Lester's Sewing Factory - 16 Player, DM - DuPz
Police Station - 8 Player, DM - DuPz
FIB 1 (destroyed floors) - 14 Player, DM - DuPz
FIB 2 (low, Mid and top levels) - 24 Player, DM - DuPz
FIB 3 (Mid floor offices) - 16 Player, DM - DuPz
IAA Building - 8 Player, DM - DuPz
Torture Room - 2 Player, DM - DuPz
The Vinewood Apt - 2 Player, DM - DuPz
Zancudo Control Tower - 5 Player, DM - DuPz
Mineshaft - 10 Player, DM - DuPz
Meth Lab - 2 Player, DM - DuPz

Pillbox Hill Medical Centre - 8 Player, DM - DuPz
Blaine County Savings - 2 Player, DM - DuPz



Unofficial Interiors
Please note, some unofficial interiors may be glitchy (mesh popping, lack of collision mesh, etc) as they are not meant to be accessed.
Senora Autoshop - 4 Player, DM - DuPz
Grapeseed Barn - 4 Player, DM - DuPz
Sightings Cafe - 4 Player, DM - DuPz
Madrazo Condo - 2 Player, DM - DuPz
Parking Lot Skyway - 2 Player, DM - DuPz
Chumash House - 4 Player, DM - DuPz
Senora Chinese Restaurant - 2 Player, DM - DuPz
Aquatic Parking Lot - 8 Player, DM - DuPz
Arcadius Upper Level - 8 Player, DM - DuPz
Von Crastenburg Lobby - 10 Player, DM - DuPz
Campus Interior - 18 Player, DM - DuPz
Lucky Plucker Interior - 4 Player, DM - DuPz
Apt Lobby 1 - 10 Player, DM - DuPz
Apt Lobby 3 - 8 Player, DM - DuPz
Apt Lobby 3 - 12 Player, DM - DuPz
Coffee Bean Machine - 14 Player, DM - DuPz
Lombank Interior - 6 Player, DM - DuPz
Mosely Autos Interior - 4 Player, DM - DuPz
Unfinished Office Space, Lower Floor - 16 Player, DM - DuPz
Arcadius Plaza - 15 Player, DM - DuPz
Parking Lot: Combat Training - 16 Player, DM - DuPz

Misc Interiors 
All in One - 16 Player, DM - DuPz (the hidden interiors under the map including; the character selection screens; winning screen parking lot; comedy club; apartments; garages, etc).
Motel Room - 4 Player, DM - DuPz
Bahama Mamas - 20 Player, DM - DuPz
If you spot any that no longer work in this list, please inform me so i can cross them off.
I'll add more soon.
Feel free to add more to the list below.

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I will keep finding more and posting them.

I wish i got a North Yankton deathmatch whilst it was still accessible. That was the first interior we breached back in the day!

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I don't know if it's relevant but some cunt put a DM mission marker in the 10 car garage interior, plus it was floating a few feet off the ground so you couldn't see it. Wandering in my garage and suddenly i'm in a lobby, managed to quit quckly though.

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I had no idea it was on a list. Sometimes the markers are gold and the person who made the job is in the server. I pay them no heed however.

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Now that the stunt props are available in the normal creator, i may be able to go back and put floors in some of the interiors that weren't solid. I could possible build them up a bit using the advanced prop placement tool now... ?


Watch this space.

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