Activision to acquire Take Two?

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I agree about the fluff (where are the crime related updates? gangs and shit like that...) and story DLC although I think the online heists will end up being disappointing and I don't really give a fuck about them anyway... I reckon I will get more entertainment from reading the kids whining on the Social Club about no heists than I will from the heists themselves...

I wouldn't say no to more single player heists though... using your online characters as back-up..

They wouldn't do what they'd need to do in order for heists to be worth the wait.

Las Venturas cannot stand on its own as the setting for a future GTA. There isn't enough there. They need to bring in LV for story mode and online, with an entirely new singleplayer story revolving around hitting major casinos, and the three protagonists acquiring their own casino, a la San Andreas.

For GTAO, maybe they could use the new location to give us some kind of story and tell us why we should give a fuck about any of the missions we're offered, because I have plenty of money, meaning my character has no reason to do anything for anyone.

None of this will happen, of course. It would be too smart and enjoyable. Heists will end up paying $100k, tops, with the smaller banks throughout the map possible to rob for a $50k take. There might be some stylish new masks for us (including the gas mask I should've had from day 1), and maybe, if we're lucky, some better housing. Dare I say... mansions?

Even that's too generous, I'm sure. It won't be worth the wait.

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In the end, the houser brothers have no say in any acquisition. R* Games, as important as it is to TakeTwo, is still only a part of their game development assets. TakeTwo will have the final say.

Unless they are offered something rediculous, like 5 billion 100 billion, they won't sell out imo.

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Can you stop reinforcing my concerns that GTA V's success made them sellouts? Fuck, man, go to bed.

Also, the original Silent Hill (haven't seen the sequel) has been the only good video adaptation, thus far. Box office aside, Need for Speed was painful to watch. The deep pit of fail that is the game movie genre should keep Rockstar and GTA at bay, at least until Assassin's Creed and Warcraft are out. If those movies turn out well, then every game company is going to start making horrible decisions.

I like the resident evil movies....

What Brian says makes a lot of sense. Take two is a poorly ran company, IMO. The games their developers make are good, but the marketing strategies, endless delays, ect are all on take two. Why announce a release date if you aren't sure you can hit it? Rockstar might have "announced" the release date, but the wouldn't have done that without ttwos approval.

I still doubt this deal is real.

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