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GTA Online single-handedly destroyed my game

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Well, let me start from the top. I've completed the whole campaign, and some of the Strangers missions. I've been playing GTA Online now. Then, yesterday, on the 4th, it just goes 'Poof!' (Not literally), and decides to not work anymore. Let me clarify. All of the text in my game is gone, the closest thing to text I get is the startup screen saying incredibly useful information such as "TOOLTIPS_56" and "TOOLTIPS_41". I can't start missions anymore (By which I mean strangers missions). Also, when the game starts up, it often just freezes at the part where it tells you "Do not shut off console while the Saving symbol is shown" where there's really only the symbols, because the text is gone, as I've said before. I've tried deleting the Atomic Blimp DLC, Deleting all my saves besides the autosave, Deleting the game and reinstalling it, cleaning the disk as thoroughly as physically possible, restarting my system, unplugging my system and plugging it back in after 30 seconds, Deleting the update and reupdating, and even just trying to play through the game in it's current state. Then, hopeful as ever, I start up the game, and, what do you know, no luck. I've got an Xbox 360 (The Black one, it has 200 GB), it still has about 146 GB left. What exactly can I do'? Any suggestions? Anyone else have this problem?

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