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  1. Maybe you could go online and vote for the major decisions. I agree that they will need to tell a new story though. Maybe in Chicago... What would be cool is if they made references to the Vault Dweller and the Courier. Or maybe they could set the show before the first Fallout, or even right after the apocalypse.
  2. The character isn't mute. He/she just doesn't have a voice actor. What did you think all of those dialogue options were for when you were talking to people?
  3. Well, Skyrim was just boring and easy. It was good in some ways, but I just can't play it like I have Oblivion. You don't see people beating Oblivion on level 30.
  4. I figure since we have a Skyrim topic here, we need an Oblivion topic. Now, let's discuss I guess. So first off, I think that Oblivion was a lot more interesting than (And no this thread is not all about comparing Oblivion and Skyrim, so don't ask) Skyrim, which was pretty bland. I mean I just like the rolling plains of the Heartlands, the marshes of Leyawiin, and the mountains of Bruma. The Oblivion gates were pretty awesome as well. Another thing is I loved the class system. It just felt smoother to me, especially since you could create your own class. Anyway, I've played hours and hours of Oblivion for years, since it came out. Here's something rather odd. Why exactly, in all of the Elder Scrolls games, do we always start out in a prison, or being executed. The first few times it was fine, but now it's starting to get strange.
  5. Well, a few things: 1. I would LOVE to drink some Nuka Cola if it was real. 2. I feel like there needs to be some sort of exorcist at Doc Mitchell's house. 3. Am I the only one who would be ecstatic if the next Fallout took place in Chicago? I mean it's been mentioned numerous times throughout the series, and no games (At least main title like Fallout 1, 2, or 3, or even New Vegas) were set in it. Except he's not silent. You talk as him/her all the time.There's just no voice actor. Though since it would be real actors in the show, he obviously would talk.
  6. Well, I've decided to take more precautions, and take my copy to Family Video to get it fixed. I've been playing Oblivion lately, since Skyrim is pretty bland, and I sold my copy of GTA 4 a while back.
  7. I don't know how to explain this, but... my Xbox 360 keeps putting circular scratches on my copies of GTA 5. I have gotten two completely different copies of the game, and they both get circular scratches on them. What is going on here? They don't function afterwards either.
  8. I wouldn't have passed my GCSEs otherwise. Thank you, friends. New riddle also The two daughters had different fathers.
  9. I've got two answers: 1: Those were various disguises used by the murderer, and he was currently disguised as a fireman. 2: The other three people were seen through a window.
  10. One. I'm the only one going. That one's from Die Hard with a Vengeance.
  11. Correct! But, unfortunately, while you were thinking, you were killed by Legion Assassins.
  12. You were supposed to say "I named it after a killer song by the great death metal band Death." But I guess you're just uncool. Congratulations! You'll be listening to that song as long as you want with your brand new Stereo System! So tell me, how do you feel about the show?
  13. I guess I'll just post a riddle then. Two men were going to have an old-fashioned gun duel. Backing up to the tracks, one found a strategic position on a hill. The other one was by the river. Before a shot was fired, one of them ran off. Later that day, the police found a dead body mangled, with a shotgun next to it. It was in the position that it was in to begin with. How did he die?