Strangers and Freaks *spoiler*

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Now that I've gotten 100%...

The Last One didn't spawn for me right away either. What I had to do was pass almost 2 weeks in-game. I made 100% late on a Thursday and the "?" icon didn't appear until the middle of the second Wednesday after.

I did this once and reloaded my save to confirm.

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i have got to 90.?% on the game after i completed a stranger mission and

kill durfuss for killing Leanor Johnson

then i save at frank's house when i loaded the game back up later and was going to check his stocks on the phone when a glitch happens and i can no longer use the web ,switch persons, have a mini map, or anything that uses the right on-D pad button but only when i get on the in-game web dose it do this.

should i just reload and complete another side mission and save and save .? (360 edition) or what?

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