GTA 5 Avatar icons for share! total 44 icons

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Hey guys! I am so exciting that GTA5 is coming in only 6 days!

I made some icons used the avatar from the R* offical artwork, bellow is a quick preview for these icons.

There are 44 icons total!

Please feel free to take these icons! :locked:









At first, I was searched some similar icons on the internet but only find one icon is this:

this is made by "CheckeredStuffGFX". Thank him to made this icon, but unfortunately, he just made one.

So I made all avatars by myself.


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Finally, I decied to upload PNG file only. Here they are, all 44 icons! In the floor is 22 icons. rest is in the down floor. :buttsecks:post-3170-0-05407700-1378866472.pngpost-3170-0-57631800-1378866477.pngpost-3170-0-48166500-1378866480.pngpost-3170-0-95828400-1378866483.pngpost-3170-0-29833500-1378866487.pngpost-3170-0-59828800-1378866490.pngpost-3170-0-19777300-1378866494.pngpost-3170-0-32568800-1378866496.pngpost-3170-0-95970900-1378866499.pngpost-3170-0-51213600-1378866502.png -------10 items line------- post-3170-0-26469100-1378866668.pngpost-3170-0-82497800-1378866672.pngpost-3170-0-26419200-1378866676.pngpost-3170-0-57568500-1378866680.pngpost-3170-0-91568800-1378866683.pngpost-3170-0-07376300-1378866688.pngpost-3170-0-48633400-1378866691.pngpost-3170-0-83308400-1378866694.pngpost-3170-0-82504300-1378866698.pngpost-3170-0-33426000-1378866702.png -------10 items line------- post-3170-0-64181900-1378866807.pngpost-3170-0-54763100-1378866813.png

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No you cannot upload a zip file. And next time you need a topic moved, let the staff know. Creating another topic is not necessary.

Thanks for your reply and help!~:)

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