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Movies in general. What are your favorite movies, actors and directors?My favorites in no particular order:


Gran Torino

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Pulp Fiction

Reservoir Dogs

Scarface (1980s)

Natural Born Killers

The Hangover

Green Mile


Jack Nicholson

Denzel Washington

Bill Murray

Robert De Niro (before bullshit romantic comedies)

Al Pacino

Clint Eastwood


Quentin Tarantino

Brian De Palma

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Movies ~

My favourite movie above everything else would have to be Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver.

And my favourite movies in my collection ( in no particular order are ) ~

~ Apocalypse Now

~ Raging Bull

~ Pulp Fiction

~ The Matrix

~ No Country For Old Men

~ The Godfather Part 1&2

~ The Dark Knight

~ Scarface

~ The Deer Hunter

~ A Fist Full Of Dollars

~ Once Upon A Time In The West

~ Dirty Harry

~ Once Upon A Time In America

~ Blade Runner

~ The Shawshank Redemption

~ Reservoir Dogs

~ The Untouchables

~ Braveheart

~ Training Day ( mainly because of Denzel Washington's performance )

~ There Will Be Blood ( mainly because of Daniel Day Lewis's performance )

~ The Warriors

~ The Big Lebowski

~ Road To Perdition

~ Silence Of The Lambs

~ Alien/ Aliens

~ Terminator 1/ 2

~ Seven

~ Fight Club

~ Jaws

~ Goodfellas

~ Gladiator

~ American Psycho

~ Kill Bill

~ Dark City

~ Fargo

~ Cape Fear

~ The One Who Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

~ Chinatown

~ American Beauty

~ On The Waterfront

~ First Blood

~ Rocky

~ L.A. Confidential

~ The Shining

~ A Clockwork Orange

~ Full Metal Jacket

~ 2001 A Space Odyssey

~ Seven Samurai

~ Yojimbo

~ Platoon

~ Predator

~ Conan The Barbarian ( the old one with Arnie )

~ Kiss Of The Dragon & Enter The Dragon ( tied for favourite Martial Arts movies )

~ Starship Troopers

~ Jackie Brown

~ Chopper

~ Bronson

~ Five Easy Pieces

~ Bullit

~ Saving Private Ryan

~ Lethal Weapon

~ The Mummy

~ Escape From New York

~ The Thing

~ The Road Warrior

~ Die Hard

~ The Bourne Identity

~ Gangs Of New York ( mainly because of Daniel Day Lewis's "Bill the Butcher", and that great monologue he did while draped in the American Flag )

~ 12 Monkeys

~ Mean Streets

~ The Star Wars Trilogy ( original )

~ The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

~ Brazil

~ Trainspotting

~ Robocop

~ Heat

~ The Fifth Element

~ Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels

~ Deliverance

~ Watchmen

~ Beverly Hills Cop

~ Inception

~ Memento

~ Basic Instinct

~ Commando

~ Blood Diamond

~ Donnie Darko

~ Millers Crossing

~ Eraserhead

~ Blue Velvet

~ Mulholland Drive

~ Looper

~ Ravenous ( a quirky little film about cannibalism that went under everyone's radar )

And that's about 1/5th of my total collection, so there are still more great films that I may of forgotten...

Actors ~

Robert De Niro is my favourite, mainly because he has more great performances than any of the other greats.

After that would be in no particular order ~

~ Marlon Brando

~ Jack Nicholson

~ Al Pacino

~ Daniel Day Lewis

~ Denzel Washington

My favourite Director is the Toughest, but I would say that it is Martin Scorsese ( just because of the number of quality films he has made/ and over so many decades ).

My other Favourites are ~

~ Stanley Kubrick

~ Akira Kurosawa

~ Quentin Tarantino

~ Francis Ford Coppola

~ Sergio Leone

~ Ridley Scott

~ Brian De Palma

~ David Lynch

~ Steven Spielberg

~ David Fincher

~ Sam Mendes

~ John Carpenter

~ James Cameron

~ Christopher Nolan

~ Coen Brothers

~ Oliver Stone

Screenwriters ~

My favourite Screenwriter is probably Paul Schrader. Mainly because he wrote my favourite movie Taxi Driver, and he also wrote Raging Bull ( another movie in my top 10 ).

And my other favourite writers ~

~ Francis Ford Coppola

~ John Millius

~ Quentin Tarantino

~ Oliver Stone

~ Martin Scorsese

~ Stanley Kubrick

~ Paul Thomas Anderson

~ Robert Towne

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