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Red Dead save transfer

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So I have a quick question that I'm hoping someone can confidently adress, as I've searched the internet for hours and haven't come across a response I can be sure of.

If I bought red dead redemption when it first came out, and since completed the single player game and earned rank 50 in multiplayer, will this transfer over if I purchase the game of the year addition? I'm most concerned about the multiplayer rank. I wouldn't mind beating the single player game again, but although I love the multiplayer I'd hate to grind back to 50.

So anyone who knows if save games from the original red dead carry over to the game of the year addition, please post. I know they would if I bought the dlc and installed it to the game, but that would be more expensive than simply buying the goty edition and giving the original red dead to a friend.

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I just want to quickly confirm that TreeFitty is correct. I bought the GOTY edition and single player and multiplayer game progress both carry over from the original version unharmed. Hopefully this can help out anyone who stumbles across this with the same worry I had.

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