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Found 5 results

  1. As well as the Grand Theft Auto series Rockstar have given us a host of brilliant games like The Warriors, Midnight Club, Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire, Max Payne 3 not to mention GTA V and Agent on the 'coming soon' list but what else are they working on? Do you think they're working on Bully 2, L.A. Noire 2, a new Red Dead or a completely new franchise altogether? Will the next game be for the current generation hardware or will we have to wait for the likes of PS4* and Xbox720*? Be interesting to hear what kind of game(s) people want/expect Rockstar to announce next.
  2. The amount of whining coming from spoiled little brats is getting on my tits. Not only on fan sites like this one but on every article on Rockstar's Newswire too. Comments like "We don't care about crappy Max Payne 3 just give us GTA V news now!" are a complete waste of time and prove these idiots lack the brain cells required to add anything of interest for the rest of us to read. Try using your brain to think of something constructive to say or just don't say anything at all. Rockstar aren't going to give in to your apron string pulling like your mother probably does every time you scream at her for an ice cream. Grow up!
  3. Most GTA fans will be familiar with the history of Rockstar Games and the Grand Theft Auto series but there are always those with questions and queries. Below is a huge GTA infographic (link below) which has been around for a while now but still proves useful as a quick reference guide. http://carinsurance....eYears_page.png IGN recently posted their own take on the history of GTA too: Take The Money And Run Scotland in the mid-80's didn't exist on gaming's radar, but that didn't stop full-time student David Jones from taking a half-done, spare time project – side-scrolling shooter Menace, written on his Commodore Amiga – into a PC expo to show it around and get some feedback. He walked out with multiple offers. Jones picked Psygnosis mostly because at two hundred miles away, the Liverpool-based publisher was the closest of the bunch. There weren't any local developers to hire on with, so Jones founded one to facilitate his "hobby" while finishing up a computer science degree. DMA Design (for Direct Mind Access) delivered Menace in 1987 and won praise for its polished gameplay. After a second successful shooter, Blood Money, hobby shifted to career. DMA started hiring. Full article
  4. Post a picture of your Rockstar merchandise. Games, stickers, t-shirts, bags, baseball bats etc. I've also got an L.A. Noire t-shirt, Red Dead Redemption t-shirt, Rockstar Games Psychedelic t-shirt, GTA III 10th Anniversary t-shirt and did have 2 Undead Nightmare t-shirts and a shit ton of various RDR and Undead Nightmare stickers which I've gradually given away. I want to see Psy's collection. Correction: My L.A. Noire t-shirt went to a very worthy cause up in Edinburgh.
  5. Well I think we are looking at a similar debut trailer to GTA IV. It shows the city and possibly shows off the new graphics and may have the main character speak or may even show the main character. I also think if there are things like planes in the game these will be shown. Well, What do you think.